3-Game Losing Streak

While I have done an incredibly poor job updating the blog lately, I can assure you the reason for this was definitely not the fact that I’m lazy, I mean, was being lazy. I certainly didn’t spend the majority of the weekends sleeping in ’til 2pm and watching videos like this for three hours on youtube when I should have been working on the blog. Nope, definitely not laziness.

Anyway, the Huskies have lost three in a row:

While a fair amount of the optimism going into the Ohio St. game has disappeared, the season is not lost. A 5-3 record over the final eight games will put UW in a bowl game and firmly supplant the program as being “on the rise.” QB Jake Locker has continued to impress while making plays with his feet, but his struggles with passing accuracy have become the focus of his game. Defenses are looking for the run and putting eight or nine defenders in the box and daring Jake to throw and I expect Arizona St. to do the same tonight. However, if Jake can hit his receivers down field, it will open up the running game and hopefully lead to a much more impressive offensive display than we saw two weeks ago against USC. On to a brief recap:

Game #3: Ohio St.

Locker ended the 1st half with a touchdown pass to Anthony Russo and the game looked good for the Dawgs as they came out of halftime with a 7-3 lead. Then the wheels came off the bus as OSU scored on a 68-yard TD pass, the Huskies fumbled the ensuing kickoff, and the Buckeyes punched in another TD to take a 17-7 lead. The Dawgs didn’t roll over, but OSU proved to be too athletic and well-coached for UW to pull the upset, winning 33-14.

This loss is looking better now though as OSU is ranked #3 in the nation right now and should move up to #1 as #1 LSU lost to Kentucky and #2 California lost to Oregon St. earlier today.

The Dawg Dude was lucky enough to attend this game and dropped $45 to stand in the East Endzone sandwiched between the massive man-breasts of a most certainly diabetic Buckeye fan. Good times. However, I did see a four year-old Husky fan perched on his father’s shoulders holding a sign that said, “Bust the Nuts!” and got to witness this post-game “performance” by Ohio State:

Some say Coach Tressel is taking the “It’s fun to stay at the O-S-U” slogan too far in trying to corner the market on gay athletes.

Game #4: UCLA

The Huskies entered their Pac-10 opener 2-1 and looking for a big road victory against a depleted UCLA team coming off a 44-6 face-slapping at the hands of the Utah Utes (Can Utes slap? Aren’t they some kind of goat? Googling…oh, great, they’re Native Americans. Now don’t I look like an asshole). UCLA’s starting QB, Ben Olson, was ruled out for the game due to “headaches” most likely caused by hits like this in the Utah game.

Things looked good for the Dawgs.

…Until they found out that they have no run defense. UCLA amassed 333 yards on the ground and backup QB Patrick Cowan provided just enough of a throwing threat to carry the offense – until he was also injured and walk-on QB McLeod (pronounced mic-cloud) Bethel-Thompson was forced to come in and hand the ball off 17 straight times. McLeod? Really? You spent nine months thinking of a name for your baby and you went with McLeod? Really?

Locker struggled with his accuracy in the first 3 quarters of the game, but calmed down in the 4th quarter and tossed 3 touchdown passes, including this 63-yarder to Anthony Russo:

Which led to this:

If only our run defense was as good as our mid-air ass-grabbing celebrations.

Unfortunately, UCLA kept coming up with big plays as well and prevailed 44-31.

Game #5: USC

Husky Stadium was rocking on this miserable, dark, rainy afternoon as the Dawgs nearly pulled off the upset of then #1 ranked USC Trojans. USC certainly did their part by turning the ball over 3 times and racking up 161 yards in penalties, including this late hit on Jake Locker.

The secondary played very well, intercepting two John David Booty passes and returning one for a touchdown. The special teams also stepped up with a blocked punt in the 4th quarter:

The Huskies recorded their first blocked punt since the Cleveland Administration.

However, the offense simply couldn’t move the ball when it counted. Locker continued to struggle with his passing accuracy, completing only 13 of 28 passes including an overthrow of a wide-open Quintin Daniels in the endzone.

The close 27-24 defeat became even more disheartening when USC lost at home to supposed Pac-10 doormat Stanford the next week. Ugh.

USC coach Pete Carroll revels in his generally douchebaggery after the game against the Huskies.

But wait, he’ll get his…

The same Carroll one week later feeling like a donkey’s vagina after losing to 41-point underdog Stanford. At home.


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