Duck Slapped. Hard.


UW got dominated in every facet of the game as Oregon stormed to a 44-10 blowout.

Locker was 12/28 and barely threw for over 100 yards. The much-hyped offensive line paved the way for 95 rushing yards. Subtract Locker, and the Huskies ran for 38 yards on 27 carries (1.4 ypc). The defense gave up nearly 500 yards and 44 points – much of the time with Oregon’s 2nd and 3rd string QBs on the field.

Not the way to start the season.

“This is my upset face.”

Oh, and Oregon has now won 5 in a row against UW – which has never happened in the 102-history of the rivalry. Ain’t that a bitch.

This was one more nail in the Tyrone’s coffin. The team looked unprepared from the opening kickoff and once again, the coaching staff failed to make halftime adjustments that put the players in a position to win. Adding the Ducks’ 23-0 fourth quarter advantage in this contest, Washington has now been outscored 50-3 in the fourth quarter in the last three games versus Oregon. Not a ringing endorsement for Willingham’s gameday coaching ability.

Whoever peed on Oregon’s shoes should stay more hydrated – that color looks like me the morning after a night of crushing MD 20/20s.

Obviously UW’s youth was exposed in the hostile environment of Autzen Stadium. Highly touted RB Chris Polk was limited to 19 yards on 14 carries and appeared to run smack into the middle of the Duck defensive line on every carry. Supposedly this was due to Polk having a limited grasp of the playbook, which begs the question, was he really the best RB to put out there if all he could do was right straight up the middle against an impressive defensive line?

Hey look, Ducks are as douchebaggy in the air as they are on land!

Finding positives in this game is about as hard as finding reasons why a UW fan should feel confident with Willingham as the head coach, but for the sake of not feeling woefully depressed about the loss (that was last night), I’ll try anyway:

Kavario Middleton made some nice plays on his way to four catches and 35 yards. He showed the potential to develop into a major tight end target for Locker.

QB Ronnie Fouch looked like a capable backup in going 5/7 for 44 yards – albeit after Oregon had cooled their “thunder green and lightning yellow” jets (are you fucking kidding me? “Thunder Green”? Isn’t that a Powerade flavor?).

And finally, it’s a stretch, but UW won the penalty war with 4 for 44 yards versus Oregon’s 8 for 85…so we can hang our hats on that as we go into next week’s game against BYU. Thanks, Tyrone.


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  1. dude im glad someone agrees, i will stay on it if you will!!

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