55-14 final. 34-0 at halftime. 48-7 at the start of the 4th. The only positive was that the Sooners didn’t break the Husky Stadium record for points scored by an opponent (Ty already set that record – giving up 56 to Cal in ’05).

But they probably could have scored 100 if they wanted to.

Don’t get me wrong: I hate all things Oklahoma more than Sarah Palin hates not firing people for pissing her off, but you had to come away impressed by OU’s performance on Saturday.

Except for that pre-game tunnel incident – what the hell was that? You stole our pro b-ball team, you have a much more successful college football program, and you’re pissed at us? If I didn’t know you were all Oxycontin-pounding, window-licking tubbies, I’d be really confused right now.

Anyway, my rally calls last week for this:

Sooner tears taste like friend pork skin and ignorance. Mmm…

Turned out more like this:

Is that a throatee? Man, guys with experimental facial hair and head wagons get all the bitches.

We may have lost our pride, dignity, and 113th defensive ranking, but at least we still have our beloved stereotypes:

Upset that he can’t eat the moon.
Great looking moo moo though.

Up next is Stanford in two weeks. If Ty loses to The Tree, he might as well pack up his stoicism, comportment, and sweater vests before we banish him to Oklahoma – where I hear Panhandle St. University is looking for a ropes course instructor.


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  1. mansies, where did you find that fat guy photo? Striking!

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