How do we know Mike Stoops is a Husky fan?

He wants Ty to get away from him too.

When did the S&P 500 become the mascot for the Washington football program? I would like to say that we’ve reached rock bottom, but it looks like the pain will be strung out for seven more games.

The most winnable has to be against Wazzu in Pullman. They are holding open tryouts for quarterback for christ sake and are rumored to be favoring this guy:

He owes Wazzu after eating Gary Rogers and Kevin Lopina in a giant Cougar Suckwich.

Our second most winnable game, against Notre Dame on Oct. 25th, looks like another loss as the Creepy Leprechauns moved to 4-1 with a win over Stanford last Saturday.

The potential for a 1-11 or, good Christ no, a 0-12 season is very real. UW’s best bet is to catch a team sleeping and punch them right in the mouth, which could potentially be next Saturday’s game against Oregon St. or maybe an Arizona St. team that looks like its unraveling under the drunk stewardship of Dennis Erickson.

No matter what, it’s going to be a tough haul and Husky fans are just going to have to hang in there (or cry in the shower – you know, whatever you do to cope) until Tyrone is ejected from campus and the courtship of Mizzou’s Gary Pinkel, Boise St.’s Chris Peterson, or Bronco “The Mormon Monster” Mendenhall can officially begin (my less official “Pennies for Pinkel” panhandling campaign has already been launched).

But at least Willingham has been exposed for what we have known for years: he’s simply not a good football coach and will not return Washington to its former greatness. Let’s hope President Emmert and AD Woodward pick one who will.


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