Sark Stays Loyal to UW

When Pete Carroll announced he was leaving USC to become the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, I had a horrible vision of Coach Sarkisian adjusting his Trojan visor and declaring to the media that he would be Carroll’s successor at Troy.

Luckily, uber-douche Lane Kiffin slithered in and begged for the job before the Sark-to-USC rumors got too serious. Here is an awesome song describing Runaway Lane’s escape to the Coliseum by Tennessee Vol fan Chris Vernon:

While we’ll probably never know how much interest Sark had in the USC job, it appears that he wasn’t willing to throw the Huskies under the bus after just one year and run back down to Watts ala Kiffen. If Sark continues to turn the Huskies around and gets them back to a consistent Top 25 ranking, he will definitely be considered for more USC-caliber jobs. But the fact that he potentially had a chance at taking over the Trojans and didn’t aggressively pursue it speaks volumes about his commitment to building something up here in Seattle.


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