Dawgs Wax Beavers, Q-Pon Gets Robbed, and Lunardi Falls onto a Penis. Again.

Lots of activity involving the Huskies basketball team over the last few days. First, UW went down to Corvallis and took out the Beavers to keep hopes of an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament alive.

If I wasn’t shockingly slow at Photoshop, I would have stuck a dry-humping Husky in there, but you get the point.

UW’s resident Englishman, Matthew Bryan-Amaning, showed that he is in fact the limey-est player on the court by racking up 20 points and 11 boards in the win.

Bryan-Amaning suffers from a very rare form of male pattern baldness.

The Huskies are the #3 seed in the Pac-10 Tournament and will go up against Oregon St. again on Thursday.

Unfortunately, some bad news was announced yesterday as the Pac-10 decided to pick Cal’s Jerome Randle as the conference Player of the Year over UW’s Quincy Pondexter. TheDawgDude thought that Pondexter should have won this honor as he has the edge statistically (and due to my rampant, unapologetic homerism), but Randle did lead Cal to their first regular season Pac-10 championship since 1697. It was also impressive that such a tiny player could win the Pac-10’s highest honor.

For comparison, the Kansas player is 5’9.

So all things considered, I’m happy for the guy. It’s not like that stopped me from firebombing his parents’ house, but that’s just how I get over this kind of thing.

Even with their fourth straight road win and most college basketball pundits believing that the Huskies will make the NCAA Tournament, ESPN analyst and Grade-A douchenugget Joe Lunardi is still fiercely anti-Pac-10 and UW.

Here is Lunardi, pictured without his boyfriend, East Coast Bias Rodriguez.

I don’t know why Lunardi is given such credence in predicting which teams will make the NCAA Tournament. Rumor has it that ESPN promoted him after his applications to Celebrity Fit Club: Fat and Stupid and Jersey Shore II: Don’t Mind the Chubby Dwarf Masturbating in the Hot Tub were rejected out of fear that he would kill himself. I mean, if I owned that rat face, I would have pulled a Hunter S. Thompson years ago.

The Huskies can put all this “at-large bid” controversy to bed by winning three games next week and earning the automatic bid as the Pac-10 tourney champion. Unfortunately, even losing in the tournament final could not be enough to get them in. It doesn’t help that St. Mary’s upset Gonzaga to win the West Coast Conference tourney and earn a spot in the NCAA Tournament that UW could have taken. The only time I root for those Gonzaga clowns and they let me down. But at least it gives me an excuse to post this:

Adam Morrison’s mustache once tried to shave itself.

Kick some ass in LA, Huskies!


5 Responses

  1. Does the Pac-10 really still get a bid into the NCAA tourney? That can't be real. Oh wait, you must mean the NIT. Oh yeah, UW NIT CHAMPS 2010!!!! Go Huskies!

  2. Fuck that. If the Huskies get to the Pac-10 tourney final, they're in. Go drink your six pack of Bacardi Breezers somewhere else, Joe.

  3. Just when I start to like MBA he puts the fuck'n ferret logo on his head.

  4. Let's go The Dawg Dude!!!… you have been handed gold today from the University of Washington's Mexico. I know great work can't be pressured, but, I need me some of The Dawg Dude perspective!

  5. @Bada All over it. Oregon is really making this offseason a treat.

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