Huskies Come from Behind on Beavers. Hard.

After a miserable 1st half in which Q-Pon had one singular point, the Huskies trailed Oregon St. 31-22.  UW went on a 24-6 early in the 2nd half after Seth Tarver blew a wide-open, breakaway dunk (does anybody have a video clip of this? I’ve looked everywhere).

IT showed off his new padded glove accessory. Piece of advice from TheDawgDude: cut down on gameday masturbation and you won’t bruise your palm in the first place.

This win combined with ASU’s upset loss to Stanford has the Huskies in a pretty good position to make the NCAA Tourament. A win over Stanford would just about seal it (assuming UCLA doesn’t win out), but what the fuck, let’s just win the tourney, shut up some critics, and pull down an 8 or 9 seed. Even ESPN resident sacface Joe Lunardi has Washington in the 65-team field today – albeit as a 13 seed.


OSU head coach Craig Robinson is Obama’s brother-in-law? I keep forgetting that…thank God FSN reminds me every five fucking minutes.

Tonight’s game against Stanford is hugenormous. UW matches up well against them and should be able to move on to tomorrow’s Pac-10 tourney title game.

C’mon Huskies, do what my dad did and illegally chop down that Tree that was blocking our view.


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