NCAA Shafts UW With an 11 Seed

Pac-10 Tourney Champions. Won their last 7 games and 12 of their last 14. Finished at 24-9 and 14-7 in the Pac-10….A MOTHERFUCKING 11 seed?!

 I feel the same way, Lorenzo.

I understand that this is one of the weakest years for the Pac-10 in a long time, which is mostly due to the exodus of underclassmen to the NBA in the last few years (though you didn’t hear the assclowns on the CBS NCAA Selection Show mention that. Or that the Pac-10 averages 5 NBA players per conference team – more than any other conference in college basketball.) But I digress, the Huskies deserved an 8 or 9 seed and while UW is in San Jose for the first round, Spokane would have been better.

 I’m in total agreement, Venoy. It’s horrible.

To rub salt in the wound, Cal pulled down an 8 seed (albeit in Jacksonville) even though the Bears lost to the Huskies twice this season. I understand that Cal has a better strength of schedule than UW, but they didn’t beat any of those good teams! Does losing to Syracuse, Ohio St., New Mexico, and Kansas make Cal better than the Dawgs? Two of those losses were by double digits for fucksake!

Damnit Quincy! We’re pissed off about this!

NCAA tournament selection committee chair Dan Guerrero defended the committee’s decisions on CBS’s NCAA Selection Show with a bunch of boring quotes that I’m too lazy to paraphrase. The main message was this, “Shut up, we did a good job.”

I realize that you were trying to be objective, Guerrero, but with a 17-16 record, how did your alma mater, Fat Cunt University, get a 10 seed?

All of this led CBS talking head, Seth Davis, to remark that he was surprised that the Pac-10 got so much respect from the committee…really? An 8 seed for the conference champion and an 11 for the tourney champ? I swear to god Seth Davis, if any more verbal diarrhea comes spurting out of your mouth, I’m going to beat you with your chinplant.

Has anyone looked for Madeleine McCann in Davis’ chin hole?

But, 350+ words of bitching aside, the Huskies do get a beatable Marquette team (22-11, 11-7 in the Big East) in a favorable location (San Jose).

Go Dawgs!


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  1. Normally your abject homerism annoys me to no end, but here you are dead on. UW is at least even to beat Marquette and deserved an 8 or 9. They may actually be better off playing a weak 6 here. I still don't see them beating New Mexico in the round of 32 though.

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