Huskies Win!

Down 15 with 13 minutes left, it looked ugly for the Huskies as Marquette kept burying three-pointers while taking great care of the ball even with UW’s frenetic defense. Not gonna lie, TheDawgDude was more nervous watching this game than he was on a date last night after lunching on Taco Bell’s new Pacific Shrimp Taco.

But after a 20-6 Washington run, the Huskies trailed Marquette by one with a little over 6 minutes to play. UW took its first lead since the 1st half on an Elston Turner three-pointer with 5:23 left. From there, it looked like the Huskies just wanted it more – extending positions with offensive rebounds, diving for loose balls, and calmly knocking down clutch free throws.
After struggling much of the game, Quincy Pondexter finished with 18 points, 11 boards, and 2 assists…not counting the unofficial assist he picked up after hitting a layup with 1.7 seconds causing the Dawg Dude to ejaculate in his purple velour sweatpants. After a long, desperate three by the Golden Eagles missed the rim, the #11 Huskies secured the upset, 80-78. In a post-game interview, QPon made sure to mention, “Sorry, President Obama, for ruining your bracket.” To be fair, Quincy was all-McCain, all-day back in ’08.
Luckily, Joel McHale’s bracket is still looking strong after picking the Huskies to win the NCAA championship…he was a walk-on tight end on the Husky football team after all.
Justin Holiday showing his new, patented “Dive & Scream” defensive technique.
UW played their best game of the season, shooting 64.3% from downtown (Holiday went 2/3, further securing himself as a 3-point option) and putting up 21 assists to only 12 turnovers. 
Abdul Gaddy may not play that much, but he led the team in awkward photos.
The Huskies take on the winner of the New Mexico-Montana game (Go Grizzlies!) on Saturday.
Oh c’mon…you have a nice, long vacation in Milwaukee to look forward to!

2 Responses

  1. Big East, more like Big least! Get it, cause it rhymes and they suck?Well, my bracket is eph'ed. Go Murray State!

  2. Pondexter hitting that basket with 1.7 left gave me a raging hard on while simultaneously reducing me to uncontrolled weeping…I really shouldn't watch games at work.

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