Get to Know a D-Bag: New Mexico

New Mexico comes into this 2nd Round matchup with UW as a #3 seed with a 30-4 record and a coach so dipped in hair gel that he makes Drew Rosenhaus jealous.

Steve Alford, aka Dr. Greasenugget, ditched out on the final four years of his contract at Iowa to become New Mexico’s head coach in 2007. And he may not be done. Rumor has it that Alford could be replacing Ernie Kent as Oregon’s new coach in the offseason. Luckily, I already hate the Palmade Prince, so it will be a smooth transition if he becomes Chief Douchebag down at Nike U.

“Lobo” means “drunk, homeless wolf” in Spanish.

But back to today’s UW/New Mexico game. Current betting lines have the Huskies at a 1.5-2.5 point favorite, but this game is about as Pick ‘Em as they come. The Lobos best player is Darington Hobson, a 6’7 guard/forward combo who leads the team in points (16), boards (9.3), and assists (4.6).

Hobson also ranked third in the Mountain West Conference in post-dunk obnoxiousness.

The wildcard in this contest is a very influential New Mexico fan that could be in attendance. This fan is no other than the elbow-throwing, hair-pulling, batshit crazy, female New Mexico soccer player Elizabeth Lambert. Here is Lethal Lambert losing her shit against BYU:

Now we know what happens when women have their yearly menstruation on Annuale.

To add some gas to the fire, here is a CBS report about some New Mexico players’ thoughts on the Pac-10:

“When asked about the leagues’ relative strengths, Hobson and guard Dairese Gary both cracked up, but refused to say what they were thinking, instead telling teammate Roman Martinez to provide a diplomatic response.”

Motherfuckers. Time to get your comeuppance, Drunk Homeless Wolves.


4 Responses

  1. Oh man, those ladies get SCRAPPY! The parting shot to the neck was especially vicious…

  2. DawgDude — Do you think New Mexico wishes they'd sent the women's soccer team to play the Huskies today?

  3. Oh definitely. At least those ladies would have played with some toughness.


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