Huskies Bleed Out Lobos

Wow. The Huskies played their best game of the season in absolutely dismantling New Mexico. From the opening tip, UW ran the Lobos out of the gym. Their pace was amphetaminic – IT and Venoy charged to the hoop, scoring and dishing off to QPon and MBA for layups and dunks. New Mexico briefly tried a 2-3 zone, but stopped after Isaiah buried back-to-back threes. 14 minutes in, UW had an 11 point lead and never looked back, winning the game 82-64.

IT was phenomenal in scoring 15 points, dishing out 7 assists, and somehow managing to add a tat in the 2nd half.

The Huskies are now living up to their high early season ranking. Today’s deft passing, tenacious defense, and dead-on three point shooting has sent TheDawgDude into a ferocious case of priapism. Which he will gladly accept.

“God save the Queen!”

Matthew Bryan-Amaning continued his dominant late season run – he scored 15, grabbed 9 rebounds, and blocked two shots. 

Unfortunately, New Mexico was as classy in defeat as their coach’s retina-blinding blazer: 

After the 18-point loss, New Mexico’s Darington Hobson said, “They’re not even that good. They just played a good game tonight.” Sure Darington, enjoy watching the rest of the tourney in your PJs.

I’m sorry, Darington, could you speak a little louder? It’s hard for me to hear dumb bitches talk.

“I went to the 2nd Round of the NCAA Tournament and all I got was this bloody face.”

Quincy Pondexter was as solid as ever (18 points) and thrilled the crowd with an array of electrifying dunks:

The only question now is, who will the Huskies play in the Sweet 16? West Virginia or Missouri?


6 Responses

  1. I love it! Douchebag is one of my favorite put downs! Oregon won't hire Alford now, they could not handle the laughter from Seattle!

  2. I bet you're right – Oregon fans aren't going to want the coach who UW just smacked around.

  3. I hope that it's WV so that I can say West VAGINA at work, allll week long!!!

  4. HUGGY BEAR WE ARE COMING FOR YOU and your team…nice to know you like to blow it when it becomes too real – these dawgs are playing lights out bball. luckily wv is just a sham of a school and everyone really wants to go to penn state. its true and you know it. choke on that MBA dunk.

  5. California, besides being over-rated has the most bush-league cheerleaders of all-time. They scream every time Duke has the ball and yell out the wrong time left on the clock. This isn't high school bullshit, this is the NCAA tournament. Act like you've been there before, Pac-10 losers.

  6. They're from Berkeley – bush is what you get.

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