Spring Practice Report

Finally, spring practice is here: all the fun of football season without any of those pesky games…but at least it’s a chance to see the new players on the field, judge how hard the returning players hit the weight room in the offseason, and watch guys awkwardly try to play football without pads.

Nice to see Nick Montana in P&G.

One new player making a quick impact is running back Jesse Callier who earned Coach Sark’s “Player of the Day” in Practice #2 (Anthony Boyles, the 6’3 receiver-turned-cornerback, was the “Player of the Day” in Practice #1).  Another freshman RB, Deontae Cooper, is also impressing the coaching staff with his running ability.

Deontae Cooper could be Chris Polk’s backup next season.

Here is a quick video of the first practice: QBs Jake Locker, Keith Price, and Nick Montana toss some balls around.

 Glad to see that nobody got a leg amputated in the offseason.

One intriguing development is that 6’5 basketball forward Clarence Trent is going the two-sport route and trying to become a defensive end. Trent is an explosive athlete and could make an impact on the defensive line even though he last played football as a sophomore in high school.

Hopefully the “Trent Knows” campaign will be equally successful.

Clarence Trent joining the football team could also have a big impact on basketball recruiting. If Trent continues to be on the team in the fall, his scholarship will switch from B-ball to football, giving Romar one more scholly to play around for the 2010 class. And with the rumor being that Terrence Jones wants to be in a package deal with Jefferson teammate Terrence Ross (who is the #5 small forward according to ESPN), this additional scholarship could pay major dividends.

Getting TerrenceĀ² is like going home with a super hot girl and finding her marginally less super hot, disease-free friend is waiting for you in her bedroom. And said bedroom is littered with free money and her bed is made of chocolate.

In a somewhat strange move, ESPN has decided to televise Oregon’s spring game. Evidently the network is hoping that one of the Ducks pulls a Last Boy Scout.

Skip to 3:40 to see the running back start Cheneying everybody on the field.

4 Responses

  1. Great stuff Big Dawg…

  2. Your decription of the Terrences situation almost turned me lesbian.

  3. Haha, that's what I'm here for.

  4. I'm going to have wet dreams about the Terrence and Terrence Show now.

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