It’s been a crazy week in UW hoops with two players leaving the team (Elston Turner and Clarence Trent), one player committing (Aziz N’diaye), and two more rumored to be joining the squad (Terrence Jones and Terrence Ross). With all this turnover, Romar must feel like a regional manager at Fuddruckers.

The Romar-to-Fuddruckers rumors are pure speculation at this point.

Elston Turner’s decision to leave the program took everyone by surprise as he played a significant role in UW’s NCAA tourney run (he averaged 12 points per game in the two wins). It sounds like Turner was uncomfortable with being pigeon-holed as a three-point specialist and wanted a better opportunity to showcase his all-around game.

Turner: Uncomfortable with pigeon-holeing.

This reasoning is a little confusing though as Turner would have been counted on to score more next year with QPon graduating, but maybe he just didn’t want to play second fiddle to Isaiah Thomas.

Turner: Likes his fiddle on top.

Or maybe he was just sick of being called The Beaver. We’ll never know for sure. But all joking aside, Turner was an important part of the team and will be missed next year. His three-point bombs in the 2nd half against Marquette were a major reason why the Huskies got back into that game and were then able to enjoy a Sweet Sixteen run. Good luck, Elston – wherever you end up. Except at Oregon obviously.

While I fully believe that Turner’s decision to leave Washington was a personal choice, Clarence Trent’s move from UW to Seattle U. may have been pushed along by Coach Romar. Just a few weeks ago, Trent tried out for the football team with the idea that he would be transferred over to a football scholarship if it looked like he could contribute. After four practices, Trent decided that football wasn’t for him and would remain on a basketball scholarship. So in a span of a few weeks, Trent went from wanting to play basketball and football at Washington to wanting to leave the university all together?

UW will have to find another guy to palm two balls in awkward photo shoots next year.

It sounds as if Romar was trying hard to open up another scholarship to entice the Terrences with a package deal. While this could be seen as a little shady, NCAA basketball scholarships are given out on a one-year basis and as long as Romar is honest and upfront with his players, this type of deal just has to be accepted in NCAA basketball these days. And for comparison’s sake, Trent became the 16th b-ball transfer in the Pac-10 this offseason.

This isn’t all bad for Trent either. He’s a fantastic athlete, but was buried on the Husky bench – now he will be the focal point of Seattle U.’s offense from the opening tip. But it will definitely be a bummer not getting to see Clarence throw down these sort of dunks in the future:

On the bright side, the extra scholarship gives the Huskies a great shot at the wet dream of Terrence². The latest rumors have Ross all but committed to UW with his official decision coming on Sunday while Jones is believed to be down to UW, Kentucky, and Oregon.

The Terrences watch as yet another coach rejects Oregon’s $3 million a year offer.

Picking up TnT would be a major coup for Romar and his staff. ESPN rates Jones as a 97/100 and the #9 overall prospect in the country and Ross as a 95/100 and the #30 overall prospect. Adding these two fellas would instantly push UW’s 2010 recruiting class into the top 10 in the nation and fuel hopes for an Elite Eight or even a Final Four appearance in the next few years. Plus Jones would help countless area grandmas get out of their cars:

While it’s been rumored that Jones wants to wait for Oregon to hire a new coach before announcing his decision, he also wants to sign before April 30th and it’s looking more and more likely that the Ducks will still be coachless by the end of the month. Missouri’s Mike Anderson is the latest coach to reject Oregon, joining the small army of coaches who have done the same. At this point, there should be a checkbox on the 2010 Census asking if you have turned down millions of dollars to coach at Nike U.

The most recent reports out of Eugene have these two candidates as the new frontrunners:

Phil Knight has a hard-on for shitty facial hair (re: Jeremiah Masoli), so this guy has a real shot.

Those nipples have forgotten more about college basketball than you’ll ever know.

One Pac-10 newcomer that has picked a school is recent Husky commit and current College of Southern Idaho player Aziz Ansari:

This funnyman/pass-first point guard will be a great addition to a loaded Husky backcou…wait, what’s that? The Huskies signed Aziz N’Diaye, a 7’1 Senegalese center? Now that you mention it, that does sound better than a 5’5 Indian-American comedian.

N’Diaye: Generally regarded as a better D-1 prospect than Aziz Ansari.

Getting a true center into the 2010 class was a great move by Romar and it sounds like N’Diaye has the potential to be a difference-maker, particularly on the defensive end. Though unlike Ansari, he lacks an alter-ego named Raaaaaaaandy:

Everybody keep your fingers crossed on Terrence²!


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  1. That's RAAAAAAAAndy with 8 As. Your site is cool as shit. Keep it up! -Hotdog

  2. Thanks Hotdog!

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