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Classy move, Bubba Jones: Per ESPN, “In an interview with The Oregonian, he says, no, he doesn’t regret that he picked a Huskies cap and that he only did so “just because it was there.” 

Sarkisianity said… 
I swear, if one more cock tasting Kentucky fan gets on here and tries to pass judgment on Husky fans, I will find out where they live, show up on their doorstep, and…make them read a book. A long one. With lots of words.
This kid’s a punk, and for those of you who might still want to maintain that he was just a confused child who didn’t want to hurt any feelings, check out his Twitter page(
After experiencing nothing but arrogance and outright douchebaggery from UK fans over the past few weeks, I have two hopes for their upcoming season. My first hope is that they are exposed for what they truly are, a bunch of self centered children who have trouble playing together and finish a couple games above .500. Barring that, my hope is that they exceed even the highest expectations and win everything. Then, a year or two down the road, the NCAA takes that title right back because Terrence Jones’ mom got a brand new Mercedes S Class for sending her son to play his rookie NBA season in Lexington. 
I’ll be booking my ticket to Maui to watch Terrence Ross drop 30 points on his former friend. I can only hope that he banks a shot of Cal’s shiny ass forehead.
This kid made everyone around him look stupid. His coach, his AD, his alleged childhood friend Terrence Ross, and Coach Romar who put his class and integrity on the line for someone who publicly stated a commitment to play ball at UW. Way to enter adulthood Terrence, by making a choice like spoiled 4 year old. 
Ok, that felt good. Here’s to Romar, UW Basketball, and running the Pac next season. Let’s go Dawgs! 
May 20, 2010 11:09 AM

Jesus Tittyfucking Christ.

Well Terrence, it turns out your face isn’t the only thing that reminds me of Bubba from Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., it’s also your semi-retarded decision making ability.

This is a rough one for Romar no matter how you cut it. He put his character and integrity up against one of the most notorious frauds in college basketball history and came out on the losing end. Twice, when you add in Enes Kanter.

I don’t want to play the “We didn’t want him anyway” card because frankly, we did want him. The 2010/2011 Huskies are a much stronger team with Jones in the lineup, but with that said, this kid was an embarrassment in the recruiting process and could prove to be a liability for team chemistry. Yes, he’s a top level talent that had many highly regarded coaches banging his door down and pleading with him to come to their schools. And that’s a tough place for any 18 year-old to be in, but by calling a televised press conference, picking a university, and then reneging on that commitment, Terrence Jones has put himself into a class of his own as far as bungled and mismanaged commitment processes go.

Have fun in your study abroad year in Lexington – hopefully PayPal Cal will still be your coach come November. Actually, fuck that, I hope he coaches the Nets and the over-the-hill Ashely Judd writes up your plays as your teammates start to transfer and you realize how dumb of a choice it was to cast your lot with a snakeoil salesman and his sycophantic basketball factory instead of a legit human being and his solid program in Romar and the University of Washington.

But…you create your own future, Bubba.

If anyone disputed the “over-the-hill” comment before, you certainly can’t now.

Terrence Jones Signing Something Tomorrow

T-Jones announcing that he will be announcing his decision to possibly sign an agreement to announce his decision to potentially sign a non-binding financial aid agreement at a university for the 2010-2011 season with the right to delay enrollment to the 2011-2012 season or possibly not at all. Maybe.

The Oregonian is reporting that Terrence Jones will sign tomorrow on the last day of the official signing period. Whether he is signing with UW or UK, or signing a letter of intent (binding) or a financial aid agreement (non-binding) is unknown.

In a case of incredible timing, Kentucky coach John Calipari is also releasing an unabridged copy of his book tomorrow:

“Bounce Back” just beat out “Ethics Sniper” for the title of Cal’s autobiography.

Jesus Locker Heisman Campaign Postcard

His thorn crown makes it that much harder for defenders to tackle Him.

And on the seventh day, God created Locker.

Husky Stadium Renovation, Fulmer Cup Update

After two major whiffs at getting public funding through the state government, the Husky Stadium renovation project appears to be moving forward. The current plan is to renovate the facility for 200-250 million dollars of mostly private money with an eye on adding some public funding down the line.

The most unique college football venue in all the land.

The renovation could begin after next season and would be completed by the 2012 season with the Huskies playing at Qwest Field in 2011. Athletic director Scott Woodward doesn’t expect the stadium capacity to be expanded, but could foresee seating dropping from 72,500 to the upper 60s in hopes that UW Football will become a “hotter ticket.”

While I can see where Woodward is coming from, I would rather increase the capacity or at least keep the current 72,500 to create the most inhospitable environment for opposing teams as possible. Plus if Woodward, affectionately known at Frowny McCringestein, is confident that UW will soon retain its rightful place at the top of the Pac-10, selling out the stadium won’t be a problem. Regardless, even at 65,000, the new Husky Stadium will sit 30,000+ more than Wazzu’s Martin Stadium.
While it may be small, Martin Stadium is the most delicious in the Pac-10.
The universally despised track will be relocated to north of the soccer field which will allow seating to be moved closer to the field. All indications are that the “Husky Stadium” name will remain, but a donor could pay for naming rights of the field. So your nightmares of “Bing Field at Amazon Arena” won’t come true.

So all in all, these are exciting developments and the prospect of watching games at the new Husky Stadium in 2012 is thrilling…especially since you’ll no longer have to worry about being at the stadium during an earthquake and being swallowed up by a twisted mass of steel, purple, and broken dreams.

On another note, the 2010 Fulmer Cup standings have been updated:

Unfortunately, the Oregon Duck Crime Syndicate has been leap-frogged by Minnesota, East Carolina, and Louisiana-Lafayette. Oregon St. must have felt threatened by the Ducks total disregard for the law and are making their own run at the FC title thanks to sweet, sweet felony golf carting charges and the always sexy boating DUI.

Also, here is the latest music video from B.F.A.M. featuring Isaiah Thomas, Justin Holiday, Tyreese Breshers, Darnell Gant, Scott Suggs, Abdul Gaddy, and Clarence Trent:

And lastly, watch out for the Jesus Locker Heisman Campaign postcard that drops exclusively on tomorrow.

Long Overdue Spring Game Coverage

Purple (#2 offense, #1 defense) came away with a 14-13 win over White (#1 offense, #2 defense) in a rainy, windy, and generally uncomfortable Spring Game. The real cause for celebration is that no Huskies were injured during the game and that Washington has escape spring ball remarkably healthy.

Nick Montana had a nice day in leading the Purple squad to victory, going 21-34 for 156 yards and two touchdowns. Jake Locker was only in the game for three series, going 3-7 for 15 yards and exiting after a 2nd quarter TD drive.

Here are some highlights:

Glad to see that the fog machine is already in midseason form.

While those were the highlights on the field, TheDawgDude’s highlights came off of it in meeting MBA and Reggie Williams (and by “meeting Reggie” I mean that I saw him a few seats away but didn’t say anything because I’m a pussy).

On my way back from the bathrooms, I saw MBA – not too hard to spot, there aren’t too many 6’9 black dudes rocking one of these:

Oh the overused “MBA is from England” joke – 60% of the time, it works every time.

As shown in the Reggie Williams example, I don’t normally go up to well-known people – maybe it was the purple & gold jello shots before the game or that my buddy Sam decided that we were going to approach him – but I talked to him. Really nice guy. Hands the size of dinner plates.

I didn’t mention that he retweeted my Huskies Tourney Highlights video some weeks back, but Heather, another girl in our group, saw him later in the game, mentioned it, and he remembered that he “fancied the clip.” He didn’t actually say “fancied”, but in my mind he did.

Unfortunately, the Spring Game means that the dead season for Husky Football is upon us and will continue until late July when fall practice starts up. At least there will be news on the recruiting front where UW already has 10 verbal commits which has to be a record for May.

All Signs Point to T-Jones Landing in Montlake

Terrence Jones finally broke his silence and stated, “I’m still committed to Washington, but I’m not willing to sign anything at this point.”

Terrence has been forced to play basketball in the dark so PayPal Cal can’t find him.

TJ now joins the long list of people that think he will go to Washington: his coach Pat Strickland, his school’s athletic director Mitch Whitehurst, and his good buddy/fellow UW commit Terrence Ross. While no Husky fan can truly relax until Jones officially signs a letter of intent, the feeling is that we survived Tropical Grease Storm Calipari and will end up with one of the top recruits in the country.

Don’t stare directly at that oily shine – it’ll burn your eyes and put you on NCAA sanctions.
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