Me & Mr. Jones: What Kind of Fuckery Is This?

That gym is as empty as my heart right now.
Well, the Terrence Jones Recruiting Soap Opera has taken another turn as the 6’9 forward still hasn’t signed a letter of intent to play at Washington after verbally committing yesterday. Rumor has it that Kentucky coach John Calipari, aka Cunty McSnake, has weaseled his way back into Terrence’s head and is putting on a full-court press guilt trip about all the Kentucky fans Jones disappointed yesterday.
I mean, who wouldn’t want to play for this Dapper Dan?
Hopefully, T-Jones will discuss the decision with his family and come to the conclusion that Coach Romar’s integrity and character easily win out over Calipari’s flash and mind games. There is a very realistic chance that Calipari could reel in all these top recruits to Kentucky and then bolt to the Nets for $7+ million a year. He’s left a path of destruction wherever he has been and this move wouldn’t shock anybody.
Regardless of the Jones situation, UW secured a great talent in Terrence Ross and we should be thrilled to bring in the #30 player in the nation with an up tempo game that’s a great fit for the Husky system. Hopefully the second half of the Terrence Twosome will come to his senses and choose to play for Romar and his good buddy Ross.

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13 Responses

  1. Coach Cal is such a loser for knowing that Jones wants to please everyone and just smacking him with the guilt trip so he will feel bad. Terrence, please don't let him ruin your career!

  2. Guess what boys and girls..It has been confirmed that Jones contacted Cal, not the other way around. So there was no weaseling going on. Just a kid confused because he ultimately made a bad decision. Either stay close to home and play for a good but not great team, play with his friend and get little media exposure…or play for a team who will play almost all of his games nationally and put him on the fast track to the NBA. I think the choice is clear. Kentucky. That is whats best for him whether he comes to that conclusion or not.

  3. Yeah, this writer is a complete Moron. If you took about 1 minute to see that Calipari never said that to him, maybe you could be taken seriously. It is no wonder why you have 2 comments posted here. It takes more than a foul mouth to have any cred. You are a pathetic wannabe. I bet you sport a pencil beard too, huh? Tool

  4. whichever place the young man goes, i wish him nothing but the best. but it does seem to me he is somewhat confused, and probably shouldn't have made his announcement, until his mind was completely clear and there was no question where he wanted to go to school. At the press conference, with all the fanfare, is no place to make a last minute, life changing decision such as this one. Deadline ins't for a couple of weeks yet, so it wasn't like he was being hurried. Again, i wish him the best wherever he ends up. The school that gets him, will certainly be better because of it.

  5. not only would he play with Terrence Ross at UW, but also Gaddy, IT, Venoy. Choose UW and become a North West legend like BRoy Nate, Brockman. TJones would look good in Purple

  6. The only source that has "confirmed" that Jones called Calipari is a Kentucky fan site ), so take that with a grain of salt.Also, saying that TJ has better NBA prospects by going to Kentucky is debatable at best. NBA scouts don't just watch ESPN to evaluate talent – combines, private workouts, etc. will give scouts a much better idea of how Jones' skills will translate to the NBA game.Kentucky had a much more impressive freshman class last year and they couldn't get out of the Elite 8. The one-and-done talent crop doesn't have much time to gel as a team and there is no reason to be ultraconfident that KU will have a better team than UW next year.Plus Calipari might not even be coaching the team NEXT season. And there's an even better chance that he won't be around in if any of these players stay for two years.Going to a KU team loaded with freshman talent could also reduce the exposure to Jones' individual game. Let's see how Eric Bledsoe's decision to play second fiddle to John Wall affects his draft status.Oh and the only guy around here with a "pencil beard" is your boyfriend.

  7. Wow, I had no idea people from Kentucky knew how to use the internet. It's pretty hilarious that they didn't try to defend their precious Coach Cal. I guess even they realize that his track record is pretty indefensible. I actually kinda hope Calipari does win you assclowns a title, because it would give me endless pleasure watching you vacate it shortly thereafter.

  8. The way the mom is acting it seems like she is awfully invested with coach Cal… if you watched the press conference you saw her make sure he mentioned coach Cal when he was thanking everybody. Rumor I'm hearing is that she either handed the phone with Cal already on it to her son or dialed the phone and handed it to Jones with coach Cal on the other line. Kinda of weird after your son just made it known where HE wanted to go.Just to be clear I'm not in anyway suggesting that she has been promised any sum of money (like 5-10 stacks of crisp 100's) by a booster or coach Cal if her son goes to Kentucky. -Turd Furgeson

  9. Interesting stuff. Percy Allen of the Seattle Times seems to think that TJ's mom is a big fan of Romar's, "I think she likes Lorenzo Romar and would like to see her son play at Washington."Seems like the kid is just really having a tough time making his mind up. Personally, I find Romar about 900 times more sincere than Calipari and UW a much more stable situation overall than KU, so hopefully Jones and family will come to the same conclusion.And I bet Cal hands out more than $500 to $1000 for a recruit like Jones – more like Reggie Bush and the house his mom got.

  10. sigh. We have lost T. Jones to Kentucky. It sounds like Parents were in love with Kentucky and that will be hard to battle.

  11. Link?

  12. That was stacks, e.g. 100 per. That buys a lot of crack.-Turd Fergeson

  13. My not realizing stacks were 100 per is further betraying my obvious whiteness. Damnit.

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