Terrence Jones 4/30 Press Conference Video

In case you missed it, here is the Terrence Jones press conference from Friday where he picks the Huskies:

Terrence Jones picks Washington

I believe TJ when he said he hadn’t made up his mind until right then, but hopefully he will stick with his instinct and play for Coach Romar with Ross.

Also, it was released today that Kentucky posted the lowest GPA among all 20 SEC basketball teams with a 2.025 average. And the was for the fall semester – let’s see how far it drops for the spring semester. Obviously this is another example of how much PayPal Cal cares about the STUDENT-athlete.
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6 Responses

  1. Both mom and dude sitting next to him seem absolutely thrilled.Despite what everybody is saying I think his choice was premeditated… nobody is that stupid (even this guy: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/columns/story?columnist=wojciechowski_gene&id=3236039 ). When I watched this Friday live and saw the all black suit I was sure he was going to pick whatever the all black hat was… you don't just roll up in all black suit and then happen to pick an all black Husky hat… where the f can you find an all black Dawg hat anyway? Probably the same place you can buy those Sean John suits I can never seem to find.-Turd Furgeson… what's the scoop on the spring game yo?

  2. http://www.cardchronicle.com/2010/4/29/1450595/fake-john-calipari-real-marquis

  3. Haha, funny stuff. That greasy fuck will get his eventually. Or Kentucky will just be the next to take the fall for him. Regardless, they deserve each other.

  4. Stole this from a poster much smarter than I and wanted to get it on here. —————————————–Ten EZ reasons Mr. Jones should join UW:1.) Remember you weren't Calipari's 1st choice for his #4, CJ Leslie was. He stayed with his original school (NC State) he committed to. So should you.2.) We know that this is a just stepping stone for you to the NBA, so why not be with a coach who spent 5 years as a NBA player, and not with a coach with 3 years losing record (72-117) in the big leagues.3.) You would be another star @ Kentucky. You would be a SUPER STAR @ the UW!4.) Why not be with someone who can directly relate with you about the African-American experience @ the college and NBA levels.5.) Even if you first struggle, why not be with coach that will allow you minutes to mature into your game (see the Abdul Gaddy story).6. Go with a coach known for his integrity and has not left previous legacies of programs on probation. Mass, Memphis.7. Go with a coach with a fantastic record of nurturing and graduating players who succeed whether they go to another program [Adrian Oliver, Phil Nelson etc.], leave early [Nate Robinson, Spencer Hawes] or stay all four years [Brandon Roy, heard of him?, Jon Brockman, Quincy Pondexter].8. Go with a program where you can contribute to getting to the next level instead of bearing the weight of expectations that you have failed unless you are in the Finals.9. Join a team with incredible, veteran talent at guard with more coming in. The big forward piece is all UW needs.10. You SAID "UW", now step up to it!! This is your first chance to make a meaningful decision as a young adult. He who waffles gets pancaked in the end.

  5. DAWG DUDE! Where are you?

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