Husky Stadium Renovation, Fulmer Cup Update

After two major whiffs at getting public funding through the state government, the Husky Stadium renovation project appears to be moving forward. The current plan is to renovate the facility for 200-250 million dollars of mostly private money with an eye on adding some public funding down the line.

The most unique college football venue in all the land.

The renovation could begin after next season and would be completed by the 2012 season with the Huskies playing at Qwest Field in 2011. Athletic director Scott Woodward doesn’t expect the stadium capacity to be expanded, but could foresee seating dropping from 72,500 to the upper 60s in hopes that UW Football will become a “hotter ticket.”

While I can see where Woodward is coming from, I would rather increase the capacity or at least keep the current 72,500 to create the most inhospitable environment for opposing teams as possible. Plus if Woodward, affectionately known at Frowny McCringestein, is confident that UW will soon retain its rightful place at the top of the Pac-10, selling out the stadium won’t be a problem. Regardless, even at 65,000, the new Husky Stadium will sit 30,000+ more than Wazzu’s Martin Stadium.
While it may be small, Martin Stadium is the most delicious in the Pac-10.
The universally despised track will be relocated to north of the soccer field which will allow seating to be moved closer to the field. All indications are that the “Husky Stadium” name will remain, but a donor could pay for naming rights of the field. So your nightmares of “Bing Field at Amazon Arena” won’t come true.

So all in all, these are exciting developments and the prospect of watching games at the new Husky Stadium in 2012 is thrilling…especially since you’ll no longer have to worry about being at the stadium during an earthquake and being swallowed up by a twisted mass of steel, purple, and broken dreams.

On another note, the 2010 Fulmer Cup standings have been updated:

Unfortunately, the Oregon Duck Crime Syndicate has been leap-frogged by Minnesota, East Carolina, and Louisiana-Lafayette. Oregon St. must have felt threatened by the Ducks total disregard for the law and are making their own run at the FC title thanks to sweet, sweet felony golf carting charges and the always sexy boating DUI.

Also, here is the latest music video from B.F.A.M. featuring Isaiah Thomas, Justin Holiday, Tyreese Breshers, Darnell Gant, Scott Suggs, Abdul Gaddy, and Clarence Trent:

And lastly, watch out for the Jesus Locker Heisman Campaign postcard that drops exclusively on tomorrow.

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