Jesus Tittyfucking Christ.

Well Terrence, it turns out your face isn’t the only thing that reminds me of Bubba from Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., it’s also your semi-retarded decision making ability.

This is a rough one for Romar no matter how you cut it. He put his character and integrity up against one of the most notorious frauds in college basketball history and came out on the losing end. Twice, when you add in Enes Kanter.

I don’t want to play the “We didn’t want him anyway” card because frankly, we did want him. The 2010/2011 Huskies are a much stronger team with Jones in the lineup, but with that said, this kid was an embarrassment in the recruiting process and could prove to be a liability for team chemistry. Yes, he’s a top level talent that had many highly regarded coaches banging his door down and pleading with him to come to their schools. And that’s a tough place for any 18 year-old to be in, but by calling a televised press conference, picking a university, and then reneging on that commitment, Terrence Jones has put himself into a class of his own as far as bungled and mismanaged commitment processes go.

Have fun in your study abroad year in Lexington – hopefully PayPal Cal will still be your coach come November. Actually, fuck that, I hope he coaches the Nets and the over-the-hill Ashely Judd writes up your plays as your teammates start to transfer and you realize how dumb of a choice it was to cast your lot with a snakeoil salesman and his sycophantic basketball factory instead of a legit human being and his solid program in Romar and the University of Washington.

But…you create your own future, Bubba.

If anyone disputed the “over-the-hill” comment before, you certainly can’t now.


9 Responses

  1. completely inappropriate… you preach class with Romar, maybe u should think about holding yourself to the standard you support

  2. What is inappropriate is calling a televised press conference, picking a school, and then reneging on that choice.Oh, and how does Calipari's dick taste?

  3. Anon, TDD is just calling it like we (all) see it. That was a gross display of dishonesty and sleaziness. TDD, I agree that he could have been bad for our team chemistry.

  4. funny like always dawgdude, but very true as well. in all honesty, it not that fact that we didn't get him that sickens me; it's how he f***ed us by waiting til the last minute so there's no possible way for romar to sign anyone else

  5. Completely appropriate… you preach it brotha.The more I find out about this guy the more thrilled I am he is not a Dawg. This is a guy that has been molded mostly by Ducks and Nike goons in Oregon… his attitude is a reflection of his environment. Calamari is the U of O's and Nike's God if you think about it. In their eyes I imagine he is flawless.Check this quote out from Terrence "Poopy Dong" Jones:"I felt like they played a better schedule and had a lot better team," Jones said, explaining why he changed his mind. Hope his mom slapped the crap out of that fool. Something tells me she is making it rain at an all male review about now though… what a slimy family.Also, how come in every f'n article written about Poopy Dong over the last 3 weeks the principal and his coach, and have no idea where this guy is during the school week?Audi,Turd Furgeson

  6. I swear, if one more cock tasting Kentucky fan gets on here and tries to pass judgment on Husky fans, I will find out where they live, show up on their doorstep, and…make them read a book. A long one. With lots of words.This kid's a punk, and for those of you who might still want to maintain that he was just a confused child who didn't want to hurt any feelings, check out his Twitter page( experiencing nothing but arrogance and outright douchebaggery from UK fans over the past few weeks, I have two hopes for their upcoming season. My first hope is that they are exposed for what they truly are, a bunch of self centered children who have trouble playing together and finish a couple games above .500. Barring that, my hope is that they exceed even the highest expectations and win everything. Then, a year or two down the road, the NCAA takes that title right back because Terrence Jones' mom got a brand new Mercedes S Class for sending her son to play his rookie NBA season in Lexington. I'll be booking my ticket to Maui to watch Terrence Ross drop 30 points on his former friend. I can only hope that he banks a shot of Cal's shiny ass forehead.This kid made everyone around him look stupid. His coach, his AD, his alleged childhood friend Terrence Ross, and Coach Romar who put his class and integrity on the line for someone who publicly stated a commitment to play ball at UW. Way to enter adulthood Terrence, by making a choice like spoiled 4 year old. Ok, that felt good. Here's to Romar, UW Basketball, and running the Pac next season. Let's go Dawgs!

  7. Should we start the countdown, on the "Calipari to Chicago" clock?

  8. Utterly ridiculous:

  9. Calamari is a slimeball and I can't believe any kid's parents would let them play for him. The guy is a crook.T Jones, you went about this the wrong way, dude. Someday, I hope someone will teach what R-E-S-P-E-C-T means because apparently your family did not.

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