Dawg Days of Summer

Husky news will continue to be pretty scant until practice starts up later in the summer, however some major quarterback recruiting battles are taking place right now. Washington is right in the thick of it for a handful of west coast QBs and are looking to take two at this position in the 2011 class.

Brett Hundley is the highest rated of the bunch and is believed to be picking between UW and UCLA. At 6’4 and 217 lbs., Hundley is a big, physical, dual-threat QB that would thrive under the tutelage of Sark and Nussmeier. Wouldn’t hurt to have Holt coach him up on his death stare as well.

Every time Nick Holt glares at someone, a fairy shits her tutu.
For more on UW’s QB prospects, check out this UW Dawg Pound post. Speaking of recruiting, Washington lost out on a stud prospect last year in Carmel High School’s (IL) Mike Nobler. Unfortunately, Nebraska beat out the Dawgs and hauled in this recruiting jewel. Here is his must-watch highlight tape:
Now that’s a playmaker.
With USC getting the business end of the NCAA’s meat spear, you may want to further squash the Trojan Nation by reliving last year’s 16-13 upset at Husky Stadium. Here is a nice video of Locker engineering the game-winning drive and pole vaulting himself up everyone’s draft board in the process:
Ah goddamnit, now I need a fresh pair of boxers.

No Pac-16 After All

Well…this is a little embarrassing. Texas forced the remainder of the “Big 12” to pee sitting down and have decided not to join the fabled Pac-16 superconference. Which means we won’t be seeing any of this in the Pac-10:

But instead, just more of this:

All signs point to the Pac-10 becoming the Pac-12 with Colorado already in the fold and Utah rumored to be on the way. The Pac-10 doesn’t pickup the gigantic state of Texas, but does add the 16th (Denver) and 31st (Salt Lake City) biggest TV markets in the country. And a conference championship game which will add significant more cash annually. So it’s time to get used to this:

The key to the Pac-12 becoming a powerful and well respected conference is locking down a decent TV contract. Right now the Pac-10 is woefully behind the Big Ten, SEC, and the projected 20 million a year for the ten remaining Big-12 teams (though I don’t see how that is going to be possible after losing Nebraska and Colorado).

Average Revenue Distribution by Conference Per School
2009-2010 School Year

Big Ten  $21.0M
SEC  $17.3M
ACC  $11.8M
Big 12  $11.6M
Pac-10  $10.0M
Big East  $7.0M

Clearly the Pac-10’s TV contract with FOX isn’t getting it done. Which is exactly what Mr. Giggles here has been saying for years:

Preach on, fluffy warrior.
Not being the first superconference is definitely disappointing, but if you had told me that the Pac-10 would add Colorado, Utah, and a championship game before all of this “Texas-to-the-Pac” nonsense, I would have been very happy.

Plus it would be a huge pain in the ass to be in the same conference as UT. He’s like your rich friend that wins you over with free drinks and his condo pool, but before you know it, you’re hiding his weed from the police while he’s banging your sister.

Texas banged Lil’ Red’s sister for years. Heartbreaking stuff.

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Craig James Continues to Talk out of his Ass

Craig James bellyaching in front of a microphone.

ESPN analyst and Lone Star State whiner, Craig James, continues to complain about the potential break up of the Big 12 and the formation of the Pac-16.

James’ asshole had this to say, “It’s more like disbelief. It’s this feeling that there’s an inferior conference in football who has invaded a powerhouse of Texas with talent and coaches and schools and traditions, and they’ve robbed them. They’ve taken them. Why is the inferior conference in football taking over the Big 12 powerhouse football conference. Is the Pac 10 really a great football conference? You’re going to have Texas and Oklahoma propping it up.”

James bemoaning on an ESPN set.
So Craig, if the Pac-10 is so terrible, who does the Big 12 have after Texas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska? Oh yea, Nebraska left for the Big Ten. Let’s see…Texas Tech was pretty good until you got the coach fired for not giving your lazy son enough playing time. Texas A&M was good twenty years ago…Baylor and Iowa St. are certainly schools to be proud of…
James whinging on the sideline during a Patriots game.

Tell me more about these “traditions” of the Big 12, a conference who played their first game 14 years ago. Are they like the traditions of the Pac-10 that began play in 1978 (and the Pac-8 which began in 1964)? How about the fact that the Pac-10 has won more national championships than any other conference in history? Or that the conference won twice as many championships (11) than the next conference (5) last year?

James listening to Jesse Palmer, but bitching internally.

Give it a rest, Craig. The Big 12 is falling apart and the longer-standing, better-managed conference is bringing y’all into the fold. Maybe the Big 12 would be a stronger conference if SMU was still a relevant program and a member of the “Big 12 powerhouse”. Oh, but SMU’s football program was destroyed when the NCAA gave it the death penalty back in ’87 for paying players on the team. The team you played for.

USC Gets 2-Year Bowl Ban, Macstoli is Done, and Pac-16 Looking Probable

Tons o’ news in the Pac-10 right now.  Reports are leaking out that the NCAA has backhanded USC with a two-year bowl ban, a loss of 30 scholarships, and probation until Sasha Obama becomes president.  While the media dropped more premature releases on this story than TheDawgDude does watching Ellen, it sounds like these penalties are the real deal.

Wait, wait, wait…this isn’t sexy?

This is all well deserved in my opinion as UW was directly affected by Southern Cal’s cheating ways.  Rumor has it that back in 2003, old Slick Rick Neuheisel had Reggie Bush wrapped up for UW until USC promised his mom a house. Then Slick Rick refused to make room for the Bushs by moving into his own garage and Reggie bolted to USC.

Luckily for Pete, cheating in the NFL is encouraged! Go ‘Hawks!

USC’s comeuppance should be UW’s gain – the postseason ban and loss of scholarships will usher highly ranked SoCal recruits up north to Montlake into the sweet, sweet arms of Coach Sark. (Yeah, I realize that sounds pretty gay, but that’s how things are when you’re in a committed bromance.)

As if the bowl ban wasn’t enough, the new NCAA-imposed herpes ban has decimated the USC cheering squad.

USC isn’t the only Pac-10 school with issues right now. Suspended Oregon QB Jeremiah Macstoli has again run into trouble with law and has finally been kicked out of school. His most recent transgression was driving with a suspended license, littering and…littering and…littering and…smoking the reefer.  Clearly, he should have been kicked out after pleading guilty to robbing a frat house of as many electronics as he could carry, but regardless, justice is served.

I have to say that I was impressed by Macstoli’s bold choice of ripping enormo joints during conference play last year.

To round out this action-packed day in the Pac-10, it’s looking more and more likely that the fabled Pac-16 will become a reality (though most likely the conference will get a new name – cross your fingers that TheDawgDude’s suggestion of “The Huskies and the Sac-15” will be accepted.)

Yeah, yeah, it’s a few years old. And clearly Ty Willy’s sand wedge was omitted.

Reports are that Nebraska is strongly leaning towards joining the Big Ten which could push Texas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Oklahoma St., Texas Tech, and Colorado to join up with the Pac-10. While it’s possible that the Big 12 could replace Nebraska with another school – BYU, Utah, and Panhandle St. have been mentioned as possibilities, the real money will be made by joining forces with the Pac-10 and creating a western super-conference that will challenge the SEC for college football dominance.

Stay tuned to see what happens with this major shift in the NCAA sports landscape. And since it sounds like Texas has too much pride to be a part of a conference called the “Pac-16”, what are your name suggestions for this proposed college football beast? Oh and if you have any friends that are Husky fans (or Duck/Coug fans if you want to piss them off), tell them about TheDawgDude.com. My Facebook fans have been stuck on 142 since before the Gulf of Mexico was flooded with dinosaur shit, so any word of mouth helps. As always, thanks for coming by.

Some Hard Times on Montlake

Sorry about the lack of recent posts – not too much going on in Huskyland. Well, not much positive at least. The softball, crew, and golf teams had great regular seasons and then all fell in the proverbial giant Guatemalan sinkhole during the playoffs:

Is that where Ty Willy went?

On the football front, UW lost out on highly touted, SoCal QB prospect Cody Kessler and their top commit, RB Brendon Bigelow, is now looking at other schools. Son of a batch. But all is not lost, ESPN rated Washington’s current 2010 recruiting class as #15 in the country.

And the softball team did knock off Oklahoma, finally notching a win for the state of Washington over those Twinkie-eating, Faces of Meth from down south.


It also appears that Oklahoma, along with Texas, Texas A&M and some combo of Oklahoma St., Texas Tech, Colorado, and Baylor could be joining the Pac-10 to create the Pac-16 super conference. If the Big Ten adds Notre Dame, Nebraska, Missouri, and a couple of others, the Pac-10 may have to make this move to remain a power conference. A Pac-X game between Texas and Oklahoma confuses the hell out of me, but the additional money and exposure will keep the conference competitive with the potentially expanding Big Ten and SEC.

Pac-16? I’m getting verklempt! Talk amongst yourselves.

So hopefully some good news is on the horizon. Rumors are swirling that 4-star safety prospect, James Sample, could be committing to the Dawgs any day now, so maybe that will start some positive momentum. Oh and this little photo won’t hurt either:

Coach Romar went by Lorenzzzzzo “Lock up your Daughters” Romar back then.
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