Some Hard Times on Montlake

Sorry about the lack of recent posts – not too much going on in Huskyland. Well, not much positive at least. The softball, crew, and golf teams had great regular seasons and then all fell in the proverbial giant Guatemalan sinkhole during the playoffs:

Is that where Ty Willy went?

On the football front, UW lost out on highly touted, SoCal QB prospect Cody Kessler and their top commit, RB Brendon Bigelow, is now looking at other schools. Son of a batch. But all is not lost, ESPN rated Washington’s current 2010 recruiting class as #15 in the country.

And the softball team did knock off Oklahoma, finally notching a win for the state of Washington over those Twinkie-eating, Faces of Meth from down south.


It also appears that Oklahoma, along with Texas, Texas A&M and some combo of Oklahoma St., Texas Tech, Colorado, and Baylor could be joining the Pac-10 to create the Pac-16 super conference. If the Big Ten adds Notre Dame, Nebraska, Missouri, and a couple of others, the Pac-10 may have to make this move to remain a power conference. A Pac-X game between Texas and Oklahoma confuses the hell out of me, but the additional money and exposure will keep the conference competitive with the potentially expanding Big Ten and SEC.

Pac-16? I’m getting verklempt! Talk amongst yourselves.

So hopefully some good news is on the horizon. Rumors are swirling that 4-star safety prospect, James Sample, could be committing to the Dawgs any day now, so maybe that will start some positive momentum. Oh and this little photo won’t hurt either:

Coach Romar went by Lorenzzzzzo “Lock up your Daughters” Romar back then.

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  1. Much needed post Dawg Dude. On a Monday too. You sir, are impeccable.

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