Craig James Continues to Talk out of his Ass

Craig James bellyaching in front of a microphone.

ESPN analyst and Lone Star State whiner, Craig James, continues to complain about the potential break up of the Big 12 and the formation of the Pac-16.

James’ asshole had this to say, “It’s more like disbelief. It’s this feeling that there’s an inferior conference in football who has invaded a powerhouse of Texas with talent and coaches and schools and traditions, and they’ve robbed them. They’ve taken them. Why is the inferior conference in football taking over the Big 12 powerhouse football conference. Is the Pac 10 really a great football conference? You’re going to have Texas and Oklahoma propping it up.”

James bemoaning on an ESPN set.
So Craig, if the Pac-10 is so terrible, who does the Big 12 have after Texas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska? Oh yea, Nebraska left for the Big Ten. Let’s see…Texas Tech was pretty good until you got the coach fired for not giving your lazy son enough playing time. Texas A&M was good twenty years ago…Baylor and Iowa St. are certainly schools to be proud of…
James whinging on the sideline during a Patriots game.

Tell me more about these “traditions” of the Big 12, a conference who played their first game 14 years ago. Are they like the traditions of the Pac-10 that began play in 1978 (and the Pac-8 which began in 1964)? How about the fact that the Pac-10 has won more national championships than any other conference in history? Or that the conference won twice as many championships (11) than the next conference (5) last year?

James listening to Jesse Palmer, but bitching internally.

Give it a rest, Craig. The Big 12 is falling apart and the longer-standing, better-managed conference is bringing y’all into the fold. Maybe the Big 12 would be a stronger conference if SMU was still a relevant program and a member of the “Big 12 powerhouse”. Oh, but SMU’s football program was destroyed when the NCAA gave it the death penalty back in ’87 for paying players on the team. The team you played for.


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