No Pac-16 After All

Well…this is a little embarrassing. Texas forced the remainder of the “Big 12” to pee sitting down and have decided not to join the fabled Pac-16 superconference. Which means we won’t be seeing any of this in the Pac-10:

But instead, just more of this:

All signs point to the Pac-10 becoming the Pac-12 with Colorado already in the fold and Utah rumored to be on the way. The Pac-10 doesn’t pickup the gigantic state of Texas, but does add the 16th (Denver) and 31st (Salt Lake City) biggest TV markets in the country. And a conference championship game which will add significant more cash annually. So it’s time to get used to this:

The key to the Pac-12 becoming a powerful and well respected conference is locking down a decent TV contract. Right now the Pac-10 is woefully behind the Big Ten, SEC, and the projected 20 million a year for the ten remaining Big-12 teams (though I don’t see how that is going to be possible after losing Nebraska and Colorado).

Average Revenue Distribution by Conference Per School
2009-2010 School Year

Big Ten  $21.0M
SEC  $17.3M
ACC  $11.8M
Big 12  $11.6M
Pac-10  $10.0M
Big East  $7.0M

Clearly the Pac-10’s TV contract with FOX isn’t getting it done. Which is exactly what Mr. Giggles here has been saying for years:

Preach on, fluffy warrior.
Not being the first superconference is definitely disappointing, but if you had told me that the Pac-10 would add Colorado, Utah, and a championship game before all of this “Texas-to-the-Pac” nonsense, I would have been very happy.

Plus it would be a huge pain in the ass to be in the same conference as UT. He’s like your rich friend that wins you over with free drinks and his condo pool, but before you know it, you’re hiding his weed from the police while he’s banging your sister.

Texas banged Lil’ Red’s sister for years. Heartbreaking stuff.

Oh, and thanks for all the new Facebook fans! Keep telling your friends about!

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