Dawg Days of Summer

Husky news will continue to be pretty scant until practice starts up later in the summer, however some major quarterback recruiting battles are taking place right now. Washington is right in the thick of it for a handful of west coast QBs and are looking to take two at this position in the 2011 class.

Brett Hundley is the highest rated of the bunch and is believed to be picking between UW and UCLA. At 6’4 and 217 lbs., Hundley is a big, physical, dual-threat QB that would thrive under the tutelage of Sark and Nussmeier. Wouldn’t hurt to have Holt coach him up on his death stare as well.

Every time Nick Holt glares at someone, a fairy shits her tutu.
For more on UW’s QB prospects, check out this UW Dawg Pound post. Speaking of recruiting, Washington lost out on a stud prospect last year in Carmel High School’s (IL) Mike Nobler. Unfortunately, Nebraska beat out the Dawgs and hauled in this recruiting jewel. Here is his must-watch highlight tape:
Now that’s a playmaker.
With USC getting the business end of the NCAA’s meat spear, you may want to further squash the Trojan Nation by reliving last year’s 16-13 upset at Husky Stadium. Here is a nice video of Locker engineering the game-winning drive and pole vaulting himself up everyone’s draft board in the process:
Ah goddamnit, now I need a fresh pair of boxers.

4 Responses

  1. TDD-Not sure how closely you followed Nobler's recruiting? My understanding is that we were never really on his radar… any interest he showed towards the Dawgs was just out of courtesy. Apparently his uncle (a UW grad) is a huge booster. I've also heard he has twin smokin' hot female cousins that just graduated from Lakeside and are hoping to be Pi Phi's.Good news though: Nobler has a younger brother that is supposed to be twice the real stud of he family. Let's keep our fingers crossed.-T F

  2. Thank you for the insider info!Clearly a Nobler is the difference between a 5-7 record and an undefeated season. Here's to Sark breaking into that family pipeline.

  3. Can we get a pic of the twins?

  4. Done. http://is.gd/dDPTX

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