Shirley, You Jest…

…if you think bringing Josh Shirley onto the UW football team is a bad idea. Shirley is a powerhouse outside linebacker/pash rush specialist who fills an immediate need in the Husky defense.

Josh Shirley is suing NBC over their show Law & Order claiming it is the trademarked names of his left and right biceps.

The #12 OLB in the Class of 2010, Shirley was kicked off UCLA’s football team last month for his involvement in a purse-stealing incident along with Shaquille and Paul Richardson. Reports make it sound like Josh used bad judgment, but was mostly in the wrong place at the wrong time.

While it’s a little peculiar that Coach Sark would kick a player off the team one day (Kavario Middleton) and sign a player that had been kicked off another team the next day, the two situations are quite different. Not to dump on the kid, but all indications are that Middleton had a poor work ethic, a lack of commitment to the program, and some issues with drug testing whereas Shirley has a great attitude and a clean background except for this recent dust-up with law. And if Kavario is offered a second chance at another school (hell, even at UCLA – I’d take that trade talent-wise), you can bet your sweet ass TheDawgDude would want him to get his shit together and fulfill his potential (assuming he isn’t a Duck).

Ultimately, I have faith in Sarkisian’s ability to judge character and if he is comfortable with adding Shirley, so am I.


Middleton Kicked Off the Team

Tight end Kavario Middleton has been kicked off the UW football team for “a violation of team rules.”

Well, this just sucks. Middleton came to Montlake as a very highly touted recruit in the Class of ’08 and had the potential to be “the next great TE at Washington.” His 26 receptions last year were the most for a Husky TE since Kevin Ware caught 42 in 2002.

It seemed like Kavario had a little less drive and determination that you would like to see in a Husky, but the hope was he would improve those attributes as he matured. It’s hard to say if this was the accumulation of a lot of little events/a general bad attitude or one serious incident. More info will most likely surface in the next few days. Depending on the nature and severity of the violation, there is always a chance that Middleton could rejoin the Husky roster. Keep your fingers crossed as Kavario’s receiving ability would be a significant part of the UW offense this season.

I hope sneering at this Oregon douche helps you through this difficult day:

It’s times like these that I wish I had a “Reaction” button for “Crying into your Husky Snuggie”.

College Football Fans Can Breath a Little Easier Today…

Ty Willingham has retired from coaching. Weird, I thought he stopped coaching on December 13th, 2004.

“Retired” might be code for “no one would hire my incompetent ass after that clusterfucking shitstorm of a coaching performance at Washington.” But that’s just speculation on my part.


Regardless, I want to thank Ty for all the sweater-vested memories and for stealing $7 million dollars from UW. Remember Ty, the terms of your $1 million buyout require you never to wear purple or step foot in Washington state ever again. Anyway, happy putting!

Recruiting Update and Highlight Video

TheDawgDude finally got off his lazy ass and wrote a post, however this one is located at The post takes a look at five of the top current commits in UW’s 2011 recruiting class: Brendon Bigelow, Aubrey Coleman, Taniela Tupou, Evan Zeger, and Kameron Jackson (vote for who you think will have the best UW career on the left) and examines the lost art of the cutoff football jersey:

Also, here is a nice highlight reel of the ’09 Huskies by CoachSark which includes Jake stiff-arming an Irish player’s face into the ground at the 1:36 mark.

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