Middleton Kicked Off the Team

Tight end Kavario Middleton has been kicked off the UW football team for “a violation of team rules.”

Well, this just sucks. Middleton came to Montlake as a very highly touted recruit in the Class of ’08 and had the potential to be “the next great TE at Washington.” His 26 receptions last year were the most for a Husky TE since Kevin Ware caught 42 in 2002.

It seemed like Kavario had a little less drive and determination that you would like to see in a Husky, but the hope was he would improve those attributes as he matured. It’s hard to say if this was the accumulation of a lot of little events/a general bad attitude or one serious incident. More info will most likely surface in the next few days. Depending on the nature and severity of the violation, there is always a chance that Middleton could rejoin the Husky roster. Keep your fingers crossed as Kavario’s receiving ability would be a significant part of the UW offense this season.

I hope sneering at this Oregon douche helps you through this difficult day:

It’s times like these that I wish I had a “Reaction” button for “Crying into your Husky Snuggie”.


5 Responses

  1. I hear Middleton was clocked at a blazing fast 5.2 40 in his last workout….

  2. It sounds like he could start blazing in under 5.2 seconds…

  3. Somewhere out there, Masoli is thinking, "I could blaze faster".

  4. Haha, no doubt. I bet Middleton could drink a 40 faster than Masoli though.

  5. Husky Snuggies are hot.

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