Recruiting Update and Highlight Video

TheDawgDude finally got off his lazy ass and wrote a post, however this one is located at The post takes a look at five of the top current commits in UW’s 2011 recruiting class: Brendon Bigelow, Aubrey Coleman, Taniela Tupou, Evan Zeger, and Kameron Jackson (vote for who you think will have the best UW career on the left) and examines the lost art of the cutoff football jersey:

Also, here is a nice highlight reel of the ’09 Huskies by CoachSark which includes Jake stiff-arming an Irish player’s face into the ground at the 1:36 mark.


5 Responses

  1. SeatownSportsNet — what? C'mon. They've got the Weasel in their frigg'n logo. I am hoping you agreed to do a guest spot as long as they promised to take that thing down within the week? You can lie to me.Ferg Turdeson

  2. It's true – there is no excuse for using the Weasel. My post hinged on a $10 donation to the "Kill the Weasel" fund. Good people over at Seatown Sports though.

  3. First time I have seen it— they actually do a pretty good job.It's too bad my tolerance is so low for the darn thing. I have to put a 6" of Duct Tape on the right side of my Laptop to look at TDD. Not good for the screen, but, I need my fix.-TF

  4. The Weasel makes me puke in my mouth.

  5. Rumor has it that the school is close to officially burying the Weasel. I'll root out every fucking image from the site when that goes down.

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