The Brett Hundley Story

UW or UCLA? Conjecture on Brett Hundley’s commitment is flying around like ignorance at a Glenn Beck rally. What we do know is that the highly-touted QB announced on Facebook that he has made his decision (shortly after a visit to UCLA) and will be announcing his choice on September 6th. He also did not make his scheduled trip up to UW this weekend – rumors range from a missed flight, to a failed attempt at flying standby, to simply canceling the trip.

The general consensus the last day or so has been that Hundley is leaning towards UCLA (recruitnik Brandon Huffman and others), but there have been rumblings today that his pick could be Washington (for example, Sark tweeted his signature “Woof, woof, woof!” at 2:40pm which generally means good news is on the way. *Update: that tweet was most likely about the commitment of 3-star CB Joel Willis). has the exclusive on the report that Hundley was spotted drinking a Purple Berry Cherry Slurpee this afternoon which has to bode well for UW. But then again, there were reports this morning of trace amounts of powder blue in the quarterback’s stool, so he clearly he could still be leaning UCLA.

Will Hundley’s stools tip off his choice? (And yes, I strongly considered posting a photo of powder blue-accented shit. God knows the internet is littered with them.)

Ultimately, we just don’t know the decision Hundley is going to make. He has played his entire recruitment pretty close to the vest and has handled this major life decision with a ton of a class (the anti-Terrence Jones if you will).

Obviously, getting the #6 QB in the country (according to Scout) would be awesome and would greatly improve the 2011 class, but UW has a nice combo in Keith Price and Nick Montana as well as a possible backup option in Richmond, IL QB Adam Pittser (ranked as the #24 QB). Not to mention Mercer Island QB Jeff Lindquist who could be one of the top ranked QBs in next year’s class.

Wait, fuck that, this just in: Hundley stopped to pet a husky on a jog through Tumbleweed Park near his home in Chandler, AZ. Oh yeah. He’s a Dawg. Book it.


Kasen’s Coming to Montlake, Trick.

Sorry for the delay on the post – I was busy marinating in the Kasen Williams decision and fantasizing to Husky porn about beating Nebraska to start the season 3-0 and break into the Top 15. Let’s just say that if Mrs. TheDawgDude wanted to bump uglies later, she’s going to be disappointed.

Skyline’s stud wide receiver joins Austin Seferian-Jenkins as the first two of the much-anticipated Big Three Husky recruits. Now the focus is snagging Brett Hundley away from UCLA head coach/Ellen DeGeneres impersonator, Rick Neuheisel:

I know, I know. At first you were like, “Rick doesn’t look like Ellen DeGeneres…” and now you’re like, “Holy shit, Neuheisel does look like a lesbian. Only with a better haircut.”

*UPDATE on the Rick DeGeneres story (courtesy of Rainier):

The commitments of ASJ, Kasen, and hopefully Hundley could lead to one of the best recruiting hauls in Washington history. Top SoCal talents like DeAnthony Thomas, Viliami Moala, and Antwaun Woods could realistically jump aboard the program that is clearly the Pac-10’s rising star.

Kasen is the one that’s good at football. Yeah, take that personally, Heaps – you’re supposed to.

One week ’til BYU! Good time to be a Dawg!

Report: Dillon Baxter is a Liar, Has Kid ‘n Play Haircut

ESPN confirmed in a report today (pay story) that USC freshman running back Dillon Baxter simply made up allegations that Washington (among other schools) illegally contacted him after USC was put on a 2-year bowl ban.

Baxter was talking to friends at other universities when he got the idea to fabricate a story that Washington, Florida, Alabama, Michigan, and Fresno St. had contacted him about transferring. This prompted USC’s lameduck athletic director, Mike Garrett, to reprimand the five schools for improper contact. It’s not clear what Baxter was trying to accomplish by lying – maybe he thought he could start a bidding war between Kiffin and Saban and get some of that Reggie Bush money.

Garrett has since apologized and Baxter has been suspended for the Trojans’ season opener against Hawaii. While this report of false accusations is disturbing, it doesn’t come close to the firestorm set off by Baxter’s personal grooming choices:

Hey Dillon, 1990 called and they want their hair back.
Hey Kid, Sherwin Williams called and he wants his Maple Sugar 2160-30 back.

Questions are swirling: Is it supposed to be ironic? Is Baxter too young to appreciate Kid’s talents in the House Party series? Was there a clipping accident?

Even Kid has shorn the err of his ways:

Sidenote: Obama credits the “Kid Bump” for sealing his presidential victory.

Instead of traveling to Hawaii with the team, hopefully Baxter will take a good, long look at himself and come up with a more current coiffure. And stop making up crazy shit that makes him look even more like a jackass.



The #1 tight end in all the land has committed to the Washington Huskies over the University of Texas. Austin Seferian-Jenkins becomes the highest ranked player in the 2011 class and is one of only three players to hold an offer from the Longhorns, but pick a different school.

 “Class” is clearly our top priority here at TDD.

As recently as a year ago, ASJ had no interest in playing for the hometown team, so his recruitment is a testament to Coach Sark’s turnaround of the program.

Oh, that’s kind of a weird facial expression. Sorry about that, let me grab another photo…

Ah crap, there it is again. We’ll have to coach him up on that.

Sef-Jenk is a 6’7 260 lbs mammoth with offers from just about everywhere: Florida, LSU, Alabama, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, USC, etc. He sounds set on playing tight end, but there is a chance he could be moved to the offensive line if he gets too big. Regardless of position, he’s a fantastic prospect and huge recruiting win for the program. Now if John Calipari even thinks of stealing ASJ, I swear to god I’ll drown that jabroni bastard in his own vat of pomade.

If you haven’t already, hit up TheDawgDude on Facebook and twitter…you know, if you’re into that. No pressure.

An Apology

Here at, we like to have our fun, crack a little wise, chew some fat, and occasionally slap the wiggle, but I’d like to take a moment and get serious for a minute. This topic has been hotly debated all over the Husky blogosphere over the last few days and I’d carry guilt to my grave if I didn’t come clean about it now.

I was the blogger who jeopardized Coach Sark’s open practices by discussing specific plays and coach/player conversations. Did I think it would set off this firestorm? Absolutely not. Do I feel bad about it? You bet your UW boxer brief-hugged ass.


I talked to Sark and we sorted it out. He was a little hurt, I was a little hurt, but in the end, Coach knows that he still heats up my nights and cools down my showers. Because of that, I feel comfortable sharing the cause of our dust up with you. And unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, that cause once again involves Ms. Lohan’s wizard sleeve. Here is the specific play:

Horrifying, I know. But I’m glad to see the Husky coaching staff is preparing for the most vicious opposition imaginable. Here are a few excerpts from conversations between coaches and players regarding running plays against a defense as savage and feral as the Firecrotch:

Offensive Line Coach Dan Cozzetto
“Sylvester! You better get up there and help Schaefer face up that labia cuz it’s gonna make a TREMENDOUS push up the middle. You show me an o-lineman who thinks he can handle LiLo’s labia one-on-one and I’ll show you a GODDAMN LIAR.

Kelemete! Habben! Watch for cellulite off the edge – it’ll be coming fast and coming strong, and if you don’t watch yourself, you’ll be on the ground staring up at it.”

Running Backs Coach Joel Thomas
“Polk, you’re going deep into the FUPA. DO NOT LOOK BACK! Believe me, you won’t like what you see.”

Quarterbacks Coach Doug Nussmeier
“Jake, it’s going to be tough to keep your composure on this one. That defense looks like a clown twisted a bunch of cow tongues into an octopus. But this ain’t no 5 year-old’s birthday party on the line, it’s your NFL career. I guarantee if you get sacked by that fleshy beast, you’re not getting up.”

Again, I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.

Oh yeah, and to whoever is actually describing practice specifics on the internet, go kill yourself.

Sark Video and UW Lohan Update

First off, a quick video: Coach Sark discusses Practice #4. He mentions DEs Hau’oli Jamora and Andrew Hudson are doing good work, the idea of protecting for unnecessary injuries, and the team’s love of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’.

How could you deny this? Thumbs up right back atcha’, Neal Schon!

I don’t know what it is about Sark interviews, but after a minute or two, I find that my nips are rock hard. Diamond cutters. It’s like a Pavlovian response. Weird.

Also, I was never a visor guy pre-Sark – kinda thought they were lame. But after watching this roguishly-handsome, purple-clad Adonis trot around the field over the last year, consider me on board.

In UW Lohan news, it appears I ruffled the feathers of her publicist/PR company:

The comments made on your site ( are a purposeful misrepresentation of Ms. Lohan’s core values, behaviors, and belief systems.  We would expect a retraction of your slander would occur before legal proceedings become necessary.”

That’s fair. I was way out of line. I’ve never actually witnessed “Ms. Lohan” do coke, or take a standardized test above the 2nd grade level, or seen her camel-

Oh. I guess I have. Shit. Well…sorry about that other stuff. Good luck not getting scissored against your will in prison.

Thanks to everybody for telling their friends about and for posting links on Facebook/twitter/comment sections on other sites, etc. I really appreciate it. As does Lindsay’s vagina.

Camp Sark is on like Donkey Kong

 For the record, Mario can’t drink for shit.

Finally, fall practice is underway and the Huskies begin preparing for the 2010 campaign and their season-opening opponent, BYU. All reports indicate that the returning players are much more comfortable with Sark’s system and the first few practices have been faster and more efficient than last year.

Sark has been impressed by many of the returning starters such as RB Chris Polk, OT Senio Kelemete, and LB Mason Foster. Clearly optimism is running high that this group is much more advanced than the ’09 squad and should be able to translate their offseason development into a better performance on the field.


Coach also singled out a few incoming players such as WR Kevin Smith, S Sean Parker, and OT Erik Kohler. I have to say that while a lot of people are curious about Parker, DL Sione Potoae, and the other highly-rated commits, I’m most intrigued by this little known walk-on defensive back who could end up doing big things at Washington:

No, Tripper Johnson is not back on the team.

After a 36-year stint in minor league baseball, Oldie McSacowitz is a savvy sports veteran who could provide some much needed leadership and Centrum Silver to the Husky secondary. I’m just sayin’, don’t sleep on McSacowitz. Ever.

I also wanted to thank everybody for visiting the site and providing the necessary motivation to scrape posts together. Now that practice has started, they should be coming a lot faster – though feel free to yell at me if they don’t. Oh, and also a big thanks to everybody that bought Amazon stuff through the links – this goes without saying, but clearly you are true Husky heroes.

One last thing:

 Uh, did we just get our very own Ashley Judd?

Say what you want about Lo-piece – she’s got the mental capacity of an 8 year-old, she blows more coke than Yasmine Bleeth in the 90’s, she’s got more camel toe than Egypt – but goddamnit, don’t tell me she doesn’t have great taste in college football teams.

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