Logan Retires, New Purple Jersey Unveiled, and Ad Whoring

In an unfortunate and surprising announcement, LB Alvin Logan is leaving the team due to chronic knee injuries. Logan was expected to battle for a starting spot at the SLB position this season – his departure is another reason to be thrilled with the Josh Shirley addition.

Logan’s most memorable moment at UW has to be this play against Oklahoma in 2008 when a Ronnie Fouch pass bounced off his hands into the lap of teammate Brandon Yakaboski for a 38-yard touchdown…which cut the Sooners’ lead to 41 points…Oh thank god it’s not 2008 anymore.

Here is a peek at the new purple jersey for the 2010 season:


This jersey seems to be a much deeper purple than in years past when the shade was bordering on blue. I’m not a big fan of the piping, but it doesn’t look too bad – really the only change needed is to burn off that silly checkmark logo.

Sadly it appears that Wazzu is already hanging it’s head in shame.

Quick blog note: after Google AdSense dropped me harder than T’eo Neshiem drops ball carriers, ad revenue from the site comes from sales made through the Amazon ads. So if you’re interested in any sweet (and/or ridiculous) Husky gear, buy it through Amazon and I’ll make a few pennies on the deal!

 If you’re not at least a little intrigued by the Washington Huskies Tailgate Toss game, you’re no friend of mine.

Also, it appears that TheDawgDude.com gets commission on any item purchased on Amazon as long as you got there by clicking on an ad on this site – I know this from making 10¢ on a Drake song that somebody bought through the site which led me to say a phrase that I never that would come out of my mouth, “Thank you for making music, Drake.”

Anyway, that’s enough whoring for ad revenue. This is all kinds of off-topic, but too good not to pass along: a Scottish brewery called BrewDog has created the world’s most expensive beer at $765 per 12 ounce bottle with a 55% alcohol content that comes in it’s own taxidermied animal koozie:

 “Excuse me sir, can I get this in duck?”

4 Responses

  1. I have definitely clicked on the TailGate Toss. There are some snazzy things scrolling down the sides of your site! As we approach the season opener, I'm sure I'll get sucked in. I mean, a Huskies inflatable air chair? Of COURSE I need that. (Actually, can't get it, it has the weasel logo.)

  2. Awesome color – I will head right over to Amazon and pick up that skillsaw I've been looking at.

  3. @NineYears The weasel is killing my business. And everyone needs a Huskies inflatable chair.@LiveInHoth Awesome! They really should make Husky skillsaws. And Duck two-by-fours.

  4. 28 Days?! 28 goddamn days?! If only I could go all Cillian Murphy on this shit. Though, when I wake up from this hypothetical 28 day coma, I wouldn't find a barren, berserk zombie infested world. I would instead awake to sounds of huskies barking and ducks getting their bills nailed shut…and if any of you duck assclowns fancy an attempt to put me into the aforementioned coma, stop on by. You can find me in E1 on gamedays, I'll be the one in purple.

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