Camp Sark is on like Donkey Kong

 For the record, Mario can’t drink for shit.

Finally, fall practice is underway and the Huskies begin preparing for the 2010 campaign and their season-opening opponent, BYU. All reports indicate that the returning players are much more comfortable with Sark’s system and the first few practices have been faster and more efficient than last year.

Sark has been impressed by many of the returning starters such as RB Chris Polk, OT Senio Kelemete, and LB Mason Foster. Clearly optimism is running high that this group is much more advanced than the ’09 squad and should be able to translate their offseason development into a better performance on the field.


Coach also singled out a few incoming players such as WR Kevin Smith, S Sean Parker, and OT Erik Kohler. I have to say that while a lot of people are curious about Parker, DL Sione Potoae, and the other highly-rated commits, I’m most intrigued by this little known walk-on defensive back who could end up doing big things at Washington:

No, Tripper Johnson is not back on the team.

After a 36-year stint in minor league baseball, Oldie McSacowitz is a savvy sports veteran who could provide some much needed leadership and Centrum Silver to the Husky secondary. I’m just sayin’, don’t sleep on McSacowitz. Ever.

I also wanted to thank everybody for visiting the site and providing the necessary motivation to scrape posts together. Now that practice has started, they should be coming a lot faster – though feel free to yell at me if they don’t. Oh, and also a big thanks to everybody that bought Amazon stuff through the links – this goes without saying, but clearly you are true Husky heroes.

One last thing:

 Uh, did we just get our very own Ashley Judd?

Say what you want about Lo-piece – she’s got the mental capacity of an 8 year-old, she blows more coke than Yasmine Bleeth in the 90’s, she’s got more camel toe than Egypt – but goddamnit, don’t tell me she doesn’t have great taste in college football teams.


8 Responses

  1. … I would have expected something more like "BREAKING NEWS: Lohan likes it Dawgy Style" or some pervy equivalent. 5000,Turd Furgeson

  2. I agree. In retrospect, it was clearly the most important part of the post. Maybe Turd "TDD Headline Creator" Furgeson is in your future?

  3. Can't wait for the season to start and excited to see your new posts!

  4. Thanks!

  5. In regards to Lohan…. I'd put 2 in the pink and 1 in the stink.GO DAWGS

  6. I just read an article in the Times about Victor Aiyewa and a little pee came out. I can't wait to see him welcome Jake Heaps to D1 football in the opener. That's really all I want for Christmas. Ok, that and a bowl game.

  7. @Mike Honcho: I'd put all 3 in the purple. @Sarkisianity: There's nothing wrong with a little pre-season pants-peeing.

  8. My dog pees a little when he gets really excited too!

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