Report: Dillon Baxter is a Liar, Has Kid ‘n Play Haircut

ESPN confirmed in a report today (pay story) that USC freshman running back Dillon Baxter simply made up allegations that Washington (among other schools) illegally contacted him after USC was put on a 2-year bowl ban.

Baxter was talking to friends at other universities when he got the idea to fabricate a story that Washington, Florida, Alabama, Michigan, and Fresno St. had contacted him about transferring. This prompted USC’s lameduck athletic director, Mike Garrett, to reprimand the five schools for improper contact. It’s not clear what Baxter was trying to accomplish by lying – maybe he thought he could start a bidding war between Kiffin and Saban and get some of that Reggie Bush money.

Garrett has since apologized and Baxter has been suspended for the Trojans’ season opener against Hawaii. While this report of false accusations is disturbing, it doesn’t come close to the firestorm set off by Baxter’s personal grooming choices:

Hey Dillon, 1990 called and they want their hair back.
Hey Kid, Sherwin Williams called and he wants his Maple Sugar 2160-30 back.

Questions are swirling: Is it supposed to be ironic? Is Baxter too young to appreciate Kid’s talents in the House Party series? Was there a clipping accident?

Even Kid has shorn the err of his ways:

Sidenote: Obama credits the “Kid Bump” for sealing his presidential victory.

Instead of traveling to Hawaii with the team, hopefully Baxter will take a good, long look at himself and come up with a more current coiffure. And stop making up crazy shit that makes him look even more like a jackass.


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  1. Glad to see that Kiffin didn't leave his revered sense of discipline back in Tennessee with his dignity.

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