Kasen’s Coming to Montlake, Trick.

Sorry for the delay on the post – I was busy marinating in the Kasen Williams decision and fantasizing to Husky porn about beating Nebraska to start the season 3-0 and break into the Top 15. Let’s just say that if Mrs. TheDawgDude wanted to bump uglies later, she’s going to be disappointed.

Skyline’s stud wide receiver joins Austin Seferian-Jenkins as the first two of the much-anticipated Big Three Husky recruits. Now the focus is snagging Brett Hundley away from UCLA head coach/Ellen DeGeneres impersonator, Rick Neuheisel:

I know, I know. At first you were like, “Rick doesn’t look like Ellen DeGeneres…” and now you’re like, “Holy shit, Neuheisel does look like a lesbian. Only with a better haircut.”

*UPDATE on the Rick DeGeneres story (courtesy of Rainier):

The commitments of ASJ, Kasen, and hopefully Hundley could lead to one of the best recruiting hauls in Washington history. Top SoCal talents like DeAnthony Thomas, Viliami Moala, and Antwaun Woods could realistically jump aboard the program that is clearly the Pac-10’s rising star.

Kasen is the one that’s good at football. Yeah, take that personally, Heaps – you’re supposed to.

One week ’til BYU! Good time to be a Dawg!


8 Responses

  1. hahaha, awesome. I guess I'm not the only one.

  2. Nice!Never noticed that Rick was a dead ringer.That darn counter goes in the middle of your articles on my computer. I am running Chrome though, so, it might just be my problem.Any word on how Hundley's trip went?Simple Jack

  3. @Simple Jack Thanks for the heads up – I think the counter issue is fixed. Unfortunately, Hundley didn't make the trip up this weekend (supposedly he missed his flight). It doesn't sound like he is rescheduling, so this can be read two ways: he's decided on UCLA and cancelled the trip or that he's already visited UW twice and doesn't need to visit again to commit here.

  4. The counter works now!I had no idea he had already visited twice… that makes me feel better about things.You're an expert on so many levels, I thought I'd ask you this: Do you know if Kim Grinolds can ride on the big boy rides at the Puyallup Fair (with his platform shoes off… have you seen these things?)? I purchased some tires and received a couple extra tickets for this fall (M-F only) and thought I might send them to him.Also, it would be great if at some point we could have a blog where the readers could send in questions for you to answer.Simple Jack

  5. Thank you for the nice words, Simple Jack. I think an "Ask TheDawgDude" feature will appear during the season. And to answer your question, no, Kim Grinolds cannot ride the big buy rides at Puyallup (even with his lifts). But he can and does ride the hell out of Princess the Pink Horse: http://www.kiddierides.co.za/kiddie_rides_images/pink_horse_kiddie_ride.jpg

  6. Dude, you're hilarious!

  7. Thanks! I appreciate that.

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