The Brett Hundley Story

UW or UCLA? Conjecture on Brett Hundley’s commitment is flying around like ignorance at a Glenn Beck rally. What we do know is that the highly-touted QB announced on Facebook that he has made his decision (shortly after a visit to UCLA) and will be announcing his choice on September 6th. He also did not make his scheduled trip up to UW this weekend – rumors range from a missed flight, to a failed attempt at flying standby, to simply canceling the trip.

The general consensus the last day or so has been that Hundley is leaning towards UCLA (recruitnik Brandon Huffman and others), but there have been rumblings today that his pick could be Washington (for example, Sark tweeted his signature “Woof, woof, woof!” at 2:40pm which generally means good news is on the way. *Update: that tweet was most likely about the commitment of 3-star CB Joel Willis). has the exclusive on the report that Hundley was spotted drinking a Purple Berry Cherry Slurpee this afternoon which has to bode well for UW. But then again, there were reports this morning of trace amounts of powder blue in the quarterback’s stool, so he clearly he could still be leaning UCLA.

Will Hundley’s stools tip off his choice? (And yes, I strongly considered posting a photo of powder blue-accented shit. God knows the internet is littered with them.)

Ultimately, we just don’t know the decision Hundley is going to make. He has played his entire recruitment pretty close to the vest and has handled this major life decision with a ton of a class (the anti-Terrence Jones if you will).

Obviously, getting the #6 QB in the country (according to Scout) would be awesome and would greatly improve the 2011 class, but UW has a nice combo in Keith Price and Nick Montana as well as a possible backup option in Richmond, IL QB Adam Pittser (ranked as the #24 QB). Not to mention Mercer Island QB Jeff Lindquist who could be one of the top ranked QBs in next year’s class.

Wait, fuck that, this just in: Hundley stopped to pet a husky on a jog through Tumbleweed Park near his home in Chandler, AZ. Oh yeah. He’s a Dawg. Book it.


7 Responses

  1. Sark's Woof was for another recruit. A California CB.

  2. Ah, good point – will update.

  3. Can we expect a preview/breakdown of Saturday's game? Please say yes! Please say yes!

  4. Already in the works!

  5. Instead of porn, I now just watch your countdown clock. Just thought you should someone's gettin' a few good O's out of your site.

  6. For the record, the countdown clock appreciates your O-Face.

  7. Like ignorance at a Glenn Beck rally? Have you ever watched or listened to those people? I'm guessing not. I know that that comment was meant to be funny, but it merely points to your own ignorance and inability to make a determination for yourself about the current state of America.I love your website but the ignorance of that comment hints at your own ignorance and you being led down a trail by the media.

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