Not Quite There Yet

Well, this just sucks. It was pretty clear from the beginning of the game that Washington was the more talented team on the field, but brutal mistakes (mostly on special teams) crippled the Huskies. I don’t want to be overly negative here, but I’ll just lay out my thoughts:

1) Special teams. Holy shit, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen special teams this terrible throughout an entire game. Besides Folk’s 54-yard field goal, this was an absolute embarrassment. Roughing the kicker? A snap into the endzone? Multiple follies on kickoff returns? Johnny Nansen should be done as special teams coach as far as I’m concerned – stick to D-line and recruiting.

And Chris Polk shouldn’t take a kickoff return for the rest of the year. He shouldn’t have been back there in the first place – what the fuck is your starting RB doing returning kickoffs? Show me that in the NFL. This one is on Coach Sark.

Figure it out, guys – this one was an F.

2) Jake, if you’re a legit NFL prospect, you gotta play a lot better than this. Overthrows, underthrows, and delayed decisions all came back today. This looked like the Locker from early ’08. Though to be fair, his receivers weren’t helping him out much either.

3) Sark’s playcalling. It was great on the initial drive – that handoff to Callier on 3rd and 8 was brilliant. But why did we abandon Polk for huge stretches of the game? Clearly the designed runs for Locker were not working (11 carries for 29 yards – 2.6 ypc) while Polk was having a lot of success running the ball (16 carries for 92 yards – 5.8 ypc).

At least Husky Hero, Gavin Keefe, brought his A game to Provo.

It just blows when UW has more talent than an opponent, but can’t figure out how to beat them. Obviously the players need to execute better, but it’s on the coaches to devise a gameplan to win against a less talented team. The road monkey is most certainly still on the backs of this UW team – and it only gets tougher with upcoming road games against USC, Arizona, and Oregon.

Am I the only one who would pay two grand to kick this dork in the face?

While this was a major wasted opportunity, we (and I’m mostly talking to myself here) have to keep the season in perspective and realize that a bowl game and a respectable year are still very attainable. The pipe dream of a 10+ win season might not happen, but the 8-win season that I wanted before this shart of a game is definitely still possible.

Here’s to slaughtering Syracuse next week and getting this awful, Brighamite taste out of our mouths.


16 Responses

  1. Agreed that we showed what was up in the first half. The most disappointing thing is that BYU played exactly like I thought they would. However, we played like shite (little overall improvement) and, consequently, lost.We gotta get some stuff together.

  2. P.S. I'll match your $2K.

  3. It's amazing the impact a game can have on you, huh? I went to bed sad, I woke up sad. Come on guys, let's get this together. We're way better than this. The field goal DID make my nipples hard, though, and that's not nothin'.

  4. Keep things in perspective. I have been laid 2.5 times this week which is %250 more than everyone on the BYU squad. Plus i drank a beer yesterday.

  5. Haha, great stuff, guys. I'll try to post something more positive as the defeat hangover burns away today. And knowing that none of the BYU players boned down last night definitely makes me feel better.

  6. This is the best after game write up following a shitty loss, the only way to get over it until next game is by making fun of BYU.

  7. It was a tough blow for sure. I'm yelling who's house in that picture. Pretty sweet my picture is getting out there.

  8. That's rad, Gavin. The caption has been updated.

  9. I am Gavin Keefe's co-worker. Dawg fans don't get more rabid than him! It's been tough duty for us, as we work in an office full of Alabama transplants who constantly exclaim, "Roll Tide." Gavin's trying to get a fan group started that is similar to the "Raider Nation" gang in Oakland. If you are interested in participating and/or helping him get this off the ground, you can contact Gavin Keefe through our company website (click my name for the link). WOOF!

  10. thats awesome thanks!

  11. Stu and Gavin: I love "Raider Nation" type gang idea for the Huskies. Let me know how I can help –

  12. My idea is to have it called the Army of Dawgs. Have a membership and make it an official tight knit club where we all tailgate and go to the game together.

  13. I love the idea, Gavin. Let me if you want me to post details (meeting place, time, etc.) on the site in the future.

  14. I'm going to make a facebook page this week to get an easy set up for it. ill keep you posted with it.

  15. Sounds great.

  16. Just created the page under Army of Dawgs.

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