Nursing the Hangover

Like recovering from a week-long bender or seeing a naked picture of Courtney Love (that your friend emailed you under the guise of Bar Refaeli), the hangover from the BYU loss has nearly lifted after three days (I didn’t link to the Courtney Love pic because I’m not a monster).

Obviously the team didn’t perform as well as we wanted, but hopefully a lot of that poor play was due to BYU being a more formidable opponent than we thought – case in point, the Cougars are now ranked #24 in the USA Today Top 25. It’s also comforting that none of the victorious BYU players got laid after the game.

“I can offer you a firm handshake, light pecking, or maybe if you really play your cards right, a through-your-football-pants handy.”

Now it’s time to focus on the Syracuse Orange and their whack ass nickname, mascot, and hole of a town they crawled out of (believe me, I spent way too much time in that area).

“Get to Know a D-Bag: Syracuse” will be released soon, but just to whet your appetite, here are some highlights from the last time we beat their ass (DISCLAIMER: the first 10 seconds of the video could make your eyes bleed, but you’ll be fine after that):

Oh, and a few more clicks on’s Husky highlight video wouldn’t hurt either.


2 Responses

  1. The first 10 seconds of that video hurt my eyeballs.

  2. I know, I know – I apologize for the Ty Willy retina burn at the beginning.

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