Syracuse Prediction

34-16. Syracuse is a BCS team after all and have been playing quite a bit better under second-year coach, Doug Marrone. But quarterback Ryan Nassib is making his second career start and will no doubt be jolted by the raucous environment of Husky Stadium.

The Orange have a solid running back in Delone Carter who could have a decent day on the ground if he’s half as good at carrying the football as he is at punching snowball-throwing kids in the face.

Nice “zero tolerance assault policy” Syracuse! But in all fairness, that dude’s face looked pretty wonky to begin with.

While the Orange defense could be a bit stout (as well as overrated), I expect Locker to rack up a number of big plays by finding open receivers downfield. The offense won’t light the world on fire, but should look a lot more explosive than against BYU.

Let’s notch a win and take another step towards a decent bowl game!

5 Responses

  1. It's like the Ducks. You wait until after the 1st/2nd violent crime for to institute the "zero tolerance" policy on that particular player. Duh.

  2. Good point. The Duck coaching staff doesn't take notice until a player goes on a baby-punching spree. Or talks shit about the head coach on Facebook – clearly the worst crime of all.

  3. Can't wait for your analysis of the game!

  4. Yeah, let's go dude. I need a breakdown son.

  5. This hungover asshole finally got the recap post up!

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