Long Overdue Spring Game Coverage

Purple (#2 offense, #1 defense) came away with a 14-13 win over White (#1 offense, #2 defense) in a rainy, windy, and generally uncomfortable Spring Game. The real cause for celebration is that no Huskies were injured during the game and that Washington has escape spring ball remarkably healthy.

Nick Montana had a nice day in leading the Purple squad to victory, going 21-34 for 156 yards and two touchdowns. Jake Locker was only in the game for three series, going 3-7 for 15 yards and exiting after a 2nd quarter TD drive.

Here are some highlights:

Glad to see that the fog machine is already in midseason form.

While those were the highlights on the field, TheDawgDude’s highlights came off of it in meeting MBA and Reggie Williams (and by “meeting Reggie” I mean that I saw him a few seats away but didn’t say anything because I’m a pussy).

On my way back from the bathrooms, I saw MBA – not too hard to spot, there aren’t too many 6’9 black dudes rocking one of these:

Oh the overused “MBA is from England” joke – 60% of the time, it works every time.

As shown in the Reggie Williams example, I don’t normally go up to well-known people – maybe it was the purple & gold jello shots before the game or that my buddy Sam decided that we were going to approach him – but I talked to him. Really nice guy. Hands the size of dinner plates.

I didn’t mention that he retweeted my Huskies Tourney Highlights video some weeks back, but Heather, another girl in our group, saw him later in the game, mentioned it, and he remembered that he “fancied the clip.” He didn’t actually say “fancied”, but in my mind he did.

Unfortunately, the Spring Game means that the dead season for Husky Football is upon us and will continue until late July when fall practice starts up. At least there will be news on the recruiting front where UW already has 10 verbal commits which has to be a record for May.


3 Responses

  1. Hopefully you worked into your conversation with MBA the phrase "AND ONE."If you didn't, please just say you did. I am a big fan of that game… life just seems sweeter somehow.-Turd Ferguson

  2. The picture from Lake Washington gives me goose bumps. And those goose bumps all have boners.

  3. Waiting for another post…

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